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The 510 Vape Cartridge: Classic Innovation

The 510 Vape Cartridge: Classic Innovation

The 510 vape cartridge is one of the most iconic devices in the industry. Its focus on improving technologies and increasing the quality of the materials inside the device has been the surging point for the 510 thread cartridge. As it stands today, the 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery are the most popular vape device on the market. 

It wasn't all that way. These vaporizers have been the catalyst for the entire industry and continue to improve on their technological aspects. 

Vape pens have seen a number of improvements which have helped to promote their popularity. 


The 510 Vape Cartridge Is Introduced

The early 2010s were a crazy time for vaping. With the invention of box mods, the ability to replace smoking cigarettes with vape juice promoted a safer approach to an untidy concept. 

It was also at this time, that extracting the pure trichomes off of the plant material and using a hybrid device to inhale was also gaining popularity. "Dabs" were when the trichomes and psychoactive materials were extracted from the raw plant material which created a sticky resin or "wax" like substance, giving the user close to 100% of the optimal CBD ratio. Having everything in a wax-like substance - as well as a developing juice market, it didn't take long until someone thought about putting two and two together...but how? 

Disposable vape pens were more of a gimmick when they were first introduced. A 1.0 mL tank adequately filled with juice could keep someone going for a day or longer. While it wasn't necessarily meant for wax, the cartridge was the foundation for major innovative improvements

On top of that, that battery was also only strong enough to handle the thinner juice that was originally developed for the vape. Still, the idea was set and someone took the time to introduce new materials. 


510 Thread Batteries and Vape Cartridges Emerge

Due to the technological limitations of the time, vape battery life and vape cartridge quality was low. The first thing was to take each component separately and optimize them alongside each other in order to improve the quality year over year. 

The 510 thread cartridge was the first to see its upgrade. While the original cartridge held a cotton wick, the high voltage ratios and viscosity of the wax meant that the cotton could only sustain so much before burning out. Thus, taking a look back at its original development, helped design what is now the industry standard. See, back when "dab rigs" were introduced, they came with a variety of different "bangers" these would be heated up to the required temperature and then a spoon full of wax would be placed on ad evaporated. These bangers came in a number of different styles and materials. The most common are Ceramic, Titanium, and Glass. This would also prevent clogging issues.

Cartridges removed the cotton wick as it couldn't sustain the same heat and a multitude of different inventions were developed. From titanium coils to even glass barbed in titanium, these vaporizers would provide specific experiences for users.  While they were innovative and useful, they would often shut customers away due to their price. It didn't take long until a universal median was found. 

Ceramic coils are now the most utilized material in vape pens. With high resistance and a more durable lifespan, these have become the staple in almost all 510-thread vape cartridges. 


The Vape Pen Battery Improves

While the cartridge was being developed to handle thicker concentrates, so was the battery. The first time "disposable batteries" came onto the scene, most people were unimpressed with the battery life. Many would often state that the battery was dead before they were able to finish all the concentrate that was in their tanks. On top of that, the cheaper quality of the original vape pen would cause many leaks. This was why the battery was separated from the cartridge in the first place. If one part didn't work, there was still hope. Vapen pens also started to add recharging qualities to their arsenal. 

Vape pen batteries would start to become larger and more powerful. After they made these gains, they went to the next step by providing consumers with variable voltage options. Mixing the new and improved vape battery with the innovative 510 thread cartridge meant that the user could adjust their settings to provide the best possible experience. 


The 510 Vape Pen and The Future

While it remains the most popular choice for users, the 510 vape pen battery is coming under some innovative competitors. 

Disposable vaporizers, while at the beginning too cheap for popular consumption, have improved dramatically. Almost completely adopting all innovative factors from 510 thread batteries and 510 thread cartridges, the disposable vape has been able to catch up quickly. 

There is still some safety for the original pioneer vapes, though. As disposable vaporizers continue to be plagued by some of the more prominent issues that had the 510 thread devices take first place. 

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