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The 510 Vape Pen: The Perfect Holiday Gift

The 510 Vape Pen: The Perfect Holiday Gift

The 510 vape pen is one of the most common devices on the market! With the holidays coming up, these vaporizers make the perfect gift, stocking stuffer, or surprise for anyone! 

As the holidays are fast approaching, many are left searching for that perfect last-second gift. Well, if you know your special someone loves vaping, then the 510 batteries and pre-filled 510 cartridges are the perfect gifts.


Why A New 510 Vape Pen Is Perfect

The standard 510 vape pen is one of the most classic and functional devices in the vaporizer industry. It has undergone a tremendous amount of innovative upgrades in order to provide users with the best possible experience. 

Due to these upgrades, the 510 battery, and 510 cartridge always see the biggest surge in sales during the winter holidays. 


Innovation At Its Finest

These devices have undergone a large number of technological upgrades. When they first hit the market, they were made with cheaper less dependable coils. In fact, their real intention was not for wax or dabs at all - but for juice. This explained why using a cotton wick on a disposable vaporizer was the starting point. It didn't take long until a few "engineers" decided that they could use these for wax. When they did, they found that the cotton wick would burn out easily and the battery did not hold enough power or charge for the thicker viscosities. 

Going back to when dabs first hit the market and revolutionized how we vape, the major components for the banger would typically be ceramic, titanium, or glass. 

The high durability and flavor profile of ceramic became the focal point for most 510 cartridge manufacturers. By utilizing this material, the cartridge would burn out far less and continue to deliver long-lasting and flavorful hits. This also meant that these vaporizers could vape at a higher temperature. 

The necessary care that went into innovating more effective cartridges, meant the possibilities of enhancing the performance of the 510 battery also increased. 


510 Batteries Get An Upgrade

The first 510 battery was small and was usually attached to the tank. These were the first disposable batteries. When the industry learned they could heavily innovate both major components, the idea of selling them separately helped to initiate the advancements. 

510 vape batteries would then be upgraded to larger charging and voltage capacities. This allowed the proper voltage requirements for effective hits. 

On top of that, the ability to add a variable voltage to each pen meant that users could customize their experience in order to have the best hit they could get. If they wanted a more flavorful and terpene-infused experience - they would use the low-temperature setting. If they wanted to have the heaviest rip of their lives, they could bump the voltage curve higher. If they wanted to find a middle ground between flavor and impact, then the second-tier voltage setting worked best. 


Compact, Discrete Performance For Your Loved One

One of the major benefits of using a 510 vape pen and 510 battery is the low-profile approach. Need to take a hit while you're out on the town with your friends? No problem! Pull it out and nobody will notice! Bored during your SO's church service? Pull that bad boy out and take a small hit. Quiet as a nun! Soon to hit the market is the S3 510 vape battery!

The customizable features of the vape pen are why so many users fall in love with these in the first place. There are tons of different vaporizer batteries and cartridges to choose from. Some have a magnetic adapter that holds the cartridge in place. This protects that cartridge from any outside issues and removes the issues of cracking or breaking the vape while having it in your pocket. 

Other, more traditional styles are no larger than your typical pen! With such a small size, they all continue to improve the performance of the vaporizer! 

iKrusher also offers a wide range of tabletop vaporizers for those who are looking to go a little further this holiday! These devices provide the most optimal performance for both wax and dry herb! 

Check out our wide selection of 510-thread batteries, cartridges, and disposable vaporizers at iKrusher! Remember to vape responsibly this holiday season and we wish everyone a safe, happy, and merry holiday season and New Year! 

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