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The Akimbo Dry Herb Vaporizer Innovates Vaping

The Akimbo Dry Herb Vaporizer Innovates Vaping

The Akimbo dry herb vaporizer is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced dual vaporizer systems on the market. With a heating element for conduction and a heating element for convection, having total control over how you vape is what makes this device a must-have.

Vaping hasn't always been this accurate. When the industry first started to move in the technical direction, there were only a few products that would allow for a more enjoyable user experience. Batteries were small, chambers were small too and the power that they needed to generate would leave your battery depleted after only a few hits. Still, the products were created and with the limited response, the reviews were generally positive.

So the first dry herb vaporizers were slow to roll out, but they made a pretty big impression on the market. With the favorable reviews, came the notes of an odorless experience, less throat burn as opposed to traditional combustion methods, and a more customizable experience. No more using a lighter and getting what you get. 


Dry Herb Vaporizers Start To Innovate

While the first dry herb vaporizer hit the market, the only way to go was up. With innovation, the idea was to provide the user with even more customizable options than their previous iterations. With multiple heat settings and different wattage variables, the dry herb vaporizer became even more popular. 

One major demographic came from older users. While they have been using the traditional methods for far longer than the younger generations, the ease on their lungs was a big step up. An odorless experience provided a discrete component and a solution to one of the most common problems for smokers. 

Once again, the baseline was further improved, but that just meant the next generation needed to be bigger and better. 


Larger Chamber- Larger Battery Life

People wanted more, they wanted bigger rips for longer periods of time. Having a small battery next to a chamber that needed constant refilling/charging was the next step. While everyone still loved this design and technological improvement, there came a point where consumers just wanted longer and better sessions. 

Improving battery performance and developing larger chambers were next in line. Having a rechargeable battery that didn't require the consistent charging of previous iterations. Battery life was massive and the chamber provided for longer experiences. At this stage, the multiple heat settings were still with the previous generations of vaporizers and were next to be innovated. 


Dry Herb Vaporizers Develop Precision Settings/ Conduction and Convection Heating

While dry herb vaporizers became larger to accommodate a larger battery and chamber, this allowed more room for technological settings. Having a vaporizer with only three functions gave users a good sense of where to start, but having them figure out the best settings for their personal use was the next stage in vaporizer evolution. 

While this was happening, alongside the industry was the implementation of conduction and convection heated vaporizers. 

Convection is using the air molecules around the dry herb to heat up the plant material and vaporize the CBD crystals on the plant. This was the ideal form of vaporization. What was left was simply raw plant material that didn't smell up your living space. 

The other side of the coin was conduction. This is where the plant material needed direct contact with the heating element in order to vaporize the plant. This provided users with a stronger hit while also continuing to vaporize the product without burning. 


The Akimbo Dry Herb Vaporizer Is Everything

Technological innovation has led to optimal performance. This is why we threw everything together in order to create the next stage in dry herb vaping.

Dual Heating Elements
The ability to either switch between full convection or full conduction wasn't our end game. We wanted to give users the next stage in vaporizer control. By providing dual heating elements, we also give users the ability to combine them for a hybrid heating experience. 

2500 Watt Battery With Rechargeable Function
We wanted to put everything we could into a compact package. We listened to everyone in the industry when it came to battery life. With a 2500 rechargeable battery, you can take your dry herb vaping experience anywhere without the need to recharge. 

We provide a ton of accessories for the Akimbo. A water filtration system can replace the basic mouthpiece. We even give you screens, pipe cleaners, and an attachment piece for using a water pipe. 

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