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The Benefits Of A Vape Pod System

The Benefits Of A Vape Pod System

Using a vape pod system has a wide range of benefits. The technology that has helped to innovate the entire industry as we know it is also the same technology in vape pods

With disposable vapes beginning to emerge as a popular choice for users, and the 510 thread vape pen continuing its dominance over the market, how does the vape pod appeal to new and current users?

What Is The Vape Pod System?

The vape pod and battery function almost the same way as its rivals, by utilizing a 0.5, 1.0, and even a 2.0 mL tank containing a ceramic coil. These typically have a matching battery that is only allowed to use these specific pods. The components are the same, vape pen, and vape pod - but the design is meant for something else. 

Before we get into why they are so special, let's take a look at how we got here. 

Vape Pen Evolution

While there has been some time between the invention of the common vape pen and the vape pod system, the technological innovations have been staggering. 

Vape pens were some of the first low-key portable vaporizers. While they were the progenitors to what we have today, they still needed to go through a number of improvements. 

These devices were designed to be utilized with standard ejuice. Ejuice has a much thinner viscosity and doesn't require the same amount of voltage to pass through the wick as standard wax. Many users would often have a terrible burnt-tasting experience only halfway through their cartridge. 

While wax and extraction methods were becoming increasingly popular, vape pen technology wasn't quite ready yet. 

In order to vape wax effectively, the cotton wick needed to be replaced by stronger material. While titanium allowed for this strength, it also didn't produce a great flavor. On the other side of the coin, glass coils provided a great flavor profile, but were not up to the task in terms of durability. Thus ceramic was settled upon as the industry standard.

The porous nature of ceramic left CBD oil trapped in its small divots which would improve the flavor tremendously. On top of that, ceramic could easily handle the high voltage necessary for vaping wax. 

Thus the first major change was implemented into 510 thread cartridges

The Vape Pen Battery Gets A Boost Of Power

The standard vape pen battery couldn't handle the level of power necessary to continuously vape wax. Thus improvements to its performance needed to be made. Without sacrificing the overall tiny quality of the vape pen, tech manufacturers were able to provide more power in the same size (if not smaller) vape battery. As the technology shrank - the features of these vape batteries would have increased. Instead of just a single voltage setting, many users would now have variable voltage. This allowed the to have a custom vape experience that was unique to their settings. 

Both of these improvements have paved the way for modern vape pens and vape pod systems. 

What Is Different About Vape Pods?

Since the 510 thread revolution happened, so too did the idea of selling unique vape pod systems. The 510 thread cartridge and vape pen were one of the most universally standard devices on the market. Anyone could get their hands on a new pen if theirs died out or they lost it. It was super easy to walk into your local smoke shop and pick one up cheaply.

Vape pods were what happens when technology and industry go " What's next?". The idea then went from universal thinking to a specific way of thinking. Thus, vape pods and vape pen batteries were introduced. 

Customers are brand-aligned. Everyone has their eyes on specific brands that they like, some people like Ford, and some like Chevy. Some people like Gucci and some like Pada. It's a matter of preference. The same can be said about a specific oil manufacturer's CBD oil. Instead of selling people a cartridge and a pen that they have to purchase separately, why not give out a pen for free - and create returning customers to buy your specific pods? 

Remove the ability for the user to purchase another device and make sure that your device is the one they are going after. 

The Best Vape pods: iKrusher

iKrusher provides the best vape pods and vape pod systems on the market. With the ability to provide a custom vape experience for not only users but for businesses looking to make their product stand out among the rest. Let's take a look at our best vape pod systems. 

Vfire Pro - The Vfire pro is iKrusher most popular vape pod system. The Vfire Battery is a 350 mAh rechargeable battery that you can customize in a wide range of colors and include graphics for specialty items!

 The Vfire Pod contains the choice of pure ceramic or our patented "iKonic" ceramic technology. You can get these pods and the Vfire Pro pods for the Vfire vape battery. 

The Astro Pen - The Astro Stik vape pen is one of iKrushers first vape pod batteries. Designed at the time of its birth, it has since seen major battery improvements along with pod technology. 

The Astro Pod - A fan favorite, we offer the pod in multiple sizes. We also implemented the current ceramic technology into each of our pods for a pure and flavorful hit every time. The Astro Pod is one of our best-selling pods! 

How Do They Stack Up To The Competition?

While vape pods are widely popular with many individuals, other vape pen designs are quickly catching up. Mainly the disposable vape section of the industry. With the same innovations that have been put in place by 510 thread technology, Disposable vapes are able to create an all-in-one approach for vape pen users. Oil manufacturers are happy to hand you the device they need to use their oil and their oil specifically. 

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