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The Best Disposable Vapes For Delta 8 CBD

The Best Disposable Vapes For Delta 8 CBD

The best disposable vapes for Delta 8 CBD are from iKrusher! We have the widest selection of vaporizer hardware perfect for your Delta 8 CBD oil. 

What makes our technology so superior? Let's look at how iKrusher has developed the most innovative vaporizer technology on the market. 


The Best Disposable Vapes For Delta 8 CBD Oil

iKrusher has developed some of the most technologically innovative disposable vapes for your oils. There are a few things we took into account that helps propel our disposable vape pens to the best disposable vape!


The Uzo Series

The Uzo Series was iKrusher answer to "How small can we make modern disposable vape pens?"

Well, it turns out that we can pack a lot of technology into a device that is no smaller than a lighter. 

The original Uzo was one of the first disposable vapes that could be small, discrete, and pack enough battery power to tackle the thickest oils. Combining that with our iKonic, rechargeable battery and anti-leaking gives users affirmation that they will be able to enjoy their concentrates for the entire duration of the tank. With a 1.0 mL tank and a 300 mAh rechargeable battery, the Uzo was a hit. 


The Uzo Pro

The Uzo Pro was an upgrade from the original Uzo without sacrificing the overall size and performance of the disposable vape. Again, we set the standard for the smallest disposable vape - but we weren't ready to call it quits. We wanted to see how far we could take it. The Uzo Pro has similar features but with overtime inhaling protection and low voltage protection. This works to ensure every hit is like the last with no issues! 


The Uzo Plus

The Uzo Plus takes everything that made the Uzo and Uzo Pro famous and gave it a whopping 2.0 mL tank. With our anti-leak protection, we were positive that this would give users a longer and more enjoyable vape pen experience. 


The Uzo TC

While we continually strive to advance the vape pen industry, we wanted to change the entire game with our TC series. We took our most popular devices and gave them the upgrade to handle the OMNI Smart System. The Uzo TC combined with the OMNI Smart System allows oil fillers to adjust the overall voltage curve of their disposable vape pen through the course of an 8-second hit. 

With the addition of the OMNI SMart System, you can count on the reliability of your vape pens' performance. By having an adjustable voltage curve, you can now vape at the exact temperature. every time you inhale or push the button. 


The Xenbar Series - Our Best Disposable Vape For CBD Oil

The Xenbar Series has been a staple in iKrusher development. With each new iteration, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. 


The Original Xenbar

The OG Xenbar kicked off our designs by implementing a USB rechargeable battery. While others had started to implement rechargeable batteries, we had the competition beat. By implementing our "iKonic" ceramic coil technology 

With a 280 mAh rechargeable battery and 1.0 mL tank you can bet we designed this for improved user experience. Combine that with our "iKonic" ceramic technology and the original Xenbar laid the foundation for the next generations of it. 


The Xenbar Pro

The Xenbar Pro was upgraded with our anti-leaking tank design. We also made the heat-up time immediate. The second you pull, you will be instantly met with a cloud of tasty terpene-infused vapor. 

  • The inhale-activated draw makes vaping fast and easy. No need for clicking a button, just hit it and you'll experience the iKrusher smoothness.
  • The 1.0 mL tank not only provides for a long-lasting vaporizer experience but the patented iKonic coils help vaporize your concentrate no matter the consistency.
  • The Xenbar Pro vaporizer is by far the best choice for those on-the-go trips or short excursions. With a 280 mAh battery that lasts longer than the concentrate in your pod, this vaporizer is the right one for you!

The Xenbar Plus

The Xenbar Plus utilizes everything from the first two generations and adds to it a whopping 2.0 mL tank. It still has all the anti-leak tank design, rechargeable and powerful battery, and our iKonic coils, but now you can get much more bang for your buck with a 2.0 mL cartridge. 

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