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What Makes The Best Tabletop Vaporizer?

What Makes The Best Tabletop Vaporizer?

Tabletop vaporizers are one of the most popular methods for inhaling your dry herbs and concentrates. Since the early 2000s, the ability to utilize conduction heating in order to take a smooth clean hit has been something that many people have sought after. Now they're everywhere! Each one provides a specific function that allows the user to optimize their experience with the settings that they like. 

These were the start of the vaping industry. Many of them we rudimentary and did not provide a large function to the user. Other than utilizing heat to vaporize the crystals on the dry herb, they weren't even available for concentrates. 


Tabletop Vaporizers in The Beginning

During the early days of vaping, we didn't have a lot of options. On top of that, new and emerging trends such as wax and concentrates (dabs) weren't a full-blown industry. The early days of vaping started with large, cumbersome devices that would primarily act as a centerpiece for the sesh. 

The concept was simple. Have a large heating element inside the base of the device. Attached to the top was a rubber hose. At the end of that rubber hose was a glass chamber that you would fill with your dry herb. Once the glass chamber was filled, you would place the hose onto a simple heating element. From there, you turned on the vape, set the heating temperature, and guessed when it was ready to take the hit. Simple, rudimentary, and "communal". 

Imagine the concept is more akin to a hookah lounge. You and your friends sit around the table and each take turns taking a drag from the vaporizer. It's cool, it brings people together and you can do other things while you're doing it. You can be playing a board game or having a chat. It had the potential to bring the room together. 

While, at the time, this concept was revolutionary - it paved the way for other devices to improve upon the vaping spectrum in general. 


The Industry Moves Towards "Personalization"

After the initial "tower" style showed promise within the industry, many other people wanted to have something that could be personally tailored to their needs. Thus, towers were no longer simply a rudimentary invention. Many were then equipped with more options for functionality. This gave users a more specific form for their vaping. On top of that, more inventions and add-ons were developed to give users a better experience. 

Using "bags" to fill with vapor would allow a user to roam freely around their house while continuously inhaling. Again, the communal sphere of influence was about "sharing and caring" so you could fill a bag and easily pass it around between you and your friends. The concept was one of the more highlightable innovations that came from this era. On top of that, you could adjust the heating temperature for other individuals and give them their own bags. 


Vaping Becomes Handheld

While this concept changed the way we look at vaping, the industry was about to be rocked by the invention of box mods. These handheld devices utilized two 18650 rechargeable batteries and have a tank with a coil that would screw on top. The primary focus was on nicotine-based vaping, but with new innovations come the "backyard engineers". With the concept of the box mod, the game changed towards portability. You no longer had to have this more massive centerpiece as the focal point of the party. Each person could have their own personalized device that is specifically catered to them. 

At the same time that this happened, so did the emergence of wax and dabs. This made the industry even easier for portable handheld devices as you could mix the dab with a PG/VG ratio and have concentrates all day. 


The Tabletop Vaporizer Maintains Popularity

While the invention of more portable options has become the hot spot for many large-scale sellers and simple use. Many have moved in the opposite direction. Just as easily has the industry moved to large-scale selling with simple easy-to-use products that you don't need to think about, there is now an emerging trend for those who are looking for the most optimally specific device. 

Now, there are devices that are handheld and give you customization, but the best and brightest are still the tabletop vaporizers. This is because they don't necessarily sacrifice the real estate of the device and can perform to the best of their ability. 

One of the reasons that tabletop vaporizers have maintained their prowess is that they are more functionally capable of utilizing more add-ons. When concentrates came onto the scene, these were the first ones to quickly adapt to a new and emerging market. 

That being said, iKrusher has developed some of the best handheld vaporizers on the market!


What Makes The Best Tabletop Vaporizer?

If the vape or vaporizer can be utilized for both concentrates and dry herb, that's a plus. If it can give the user the most specific settings in order to have the best overall experience, then that is what makes the best of the best. 

The Alpha - The Best Tabletop Vaporizer

While "tabletop" is the keyword, the Alpha provides everything a user could need in order to effectively vape. While it's more akin to a single person, the ability to set their preferences to perfectly fit their needs is really what helps this shine. 

Another factor is that the rig itself doesn't utilize atomizers. These can be extremely expensive and can burn out fairly quickly. The Alpha contains 2 induction cups. One is titanium the other is ceramic. It also has settings for these specific types. 

The Alpha no longer needs to be plugged in (unless it's charging). The Alpha takes everything that original tabletop vaporizers capitalized on and places it into a sleek portable device that gives its users everything they need to function perfectly for up to 30 sessions. 

The Alpha also comes with everything you need right in the package. From tweezers, to a wide assortment of carb caps to concentrate jars and even a grinder! 

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