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The Best Vape Pen Branding: iKrusher ODM

The Best Vape Pen Branding: iKrusher ODM

The best vape pen customization process is just one click away! iKrusher ODM is one of America's most prominent vape pen customization hardware manufacturers. 

We can provide custom graphics, lettering, and designs for your ideal brand! Our goal is to provide customers with the most diverse experience that allows them to bring their vision to life! 


The Best Vape Pen Branding: Disposable Vapes

Disposable vaporizers and disposable vapes are some of the most popular devices in the market. Throughout their introduction to smoke shops across America, they have been the staple of technological innovations. 

Today, the most popular devices are disposable vapes. With so many oil manufacturers trying to make their brand stand out among a generally saturated market, it is essential that your branding makes an impression. 

With disposable vapes, having a small, discrete, and active device that allows the users to take a hit whenever and wherever they want is vital. Due to the early stages of disposable vapes, there were some technological developments that needed to happen. 

First, disposable vapes had a knack for having a low-power vape pen battery. The vape pen battery would often run out of power before the tank was empty. This led to a slight deterrence to disposable vapes at the time. 

Fortunately, adopting more effective technology has helped to leap the disposable vape into one of the most popular devices on the market! 

Disposable vaporizers are now one of the best vapes to bring your oil business to life! 


Custom 510 Thread Battery

The 510-thread battery is a tried and true device in the industry. In fact, when disposable vapes were regarded as low power and not technologically advanced, the 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery took off. 

This was where most of today's technology has evolved into. The 510 vape pen immediately knew that it could be popular if they just made a couple of small (yet vital) innovations. 

Ceramic coils replacing the outdated cotton wick allowed the 510 cartridges to surpass all expectations. This led to developments not just in 510 cartridge technology but in vape pen technology as well. 

iKrusher ODM wants to bring you the most fun custom vape pens that will stop customers dead in their tracks and say "that's the vape I want". 

While the 510 vape pen is one of the most popular devices, technology is improving to give customers an all-in-one approach to their vape pen experience. Still, having custom colors, graphics, and lettering even on your simple 510 vape pen will work best for promotional material! Throw your name to as many people as you can when you head to expos! 


Customize Your Pod Systems!

You cant have a fully customizable vape pen line without including vape pod systems! Each device runs similarly to the standard 510-thread vape pen. This device is specifically meant for ODM branding. If you want customers to keep coming back for their favorite oils and concentrates, then it's best to sell it in an exclusive pod that is designed to exclusively fit your battery. By providing the most eye-catching vape pen battery. Custom vape pens are the most important thing to consider next to quality control and innovative development. 

Vape pods have since become extremely popular with the most noticeable oil manufacturers. Having a pre-filled vape pod means that a specific battery needs to be utilized. This is okay if half of your branding is giving away vape pens for free. This means all the customer needs to do is buy the pre-filled pod and they are good to go! 

This works differently than the 510 thread battery where most businesses want you to spend money on both the vape battery and the vape cartridge. Instead, get two birds stoned at once by giving away a free vape pen battery which knocks out half the battle for customers trying to find the right device for them. 


The Best Vape Pens: iKrusher ODM

In order to have the best possible experience for your vape pen brand - why not go with iKrusher? We have the best custom vape pens on the market! 

With 510 thread batteries, 510 thread cartridges, disposable vapes, and vape pod systems, iKrusher technology will help you discover the truth about your brand! 

Give customers the best experience with iKrusher ODM! 

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