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The Best Vape Pens: iKrusher Innovation

The Best Vape Pens: iKrusher Innovation

iKrusher has been building and developing the best vape pens on the market. For years, our engineers have thought about ways to improve vaporizer performance in order to set the standard of quality that dominates the vape pen industry. We are going to take a deep dive into what makes iKrusher so special, and give you a list of vape pens that you should look out for in 2023. 


What Makes iKrusher The Best Vape Pen?

The best vape pens are made by iKrusher because we put the thought of advancing the market first. In order to continue to dominate the market, we needed to develop vape pens, vape pods, and disposable vapes in order to improve. 

Quality vape pen batteries, pod systems, and 510 thread cartridges are all that make our vapes stand above the rest. 

Vape coil quality: Our coils provide effective performance and exceptional results. While other vape pen cartridges focus on simply having a ceramic coil, we took things to the next step. We wanted to improve the ceramic coil technology implemented by other cartridges and give customers a more flavorful experience. 

Our iKrusher coils are far more porous. This helps to trap more CBD oil in the coil and provide a more flavorful experience. 

More Powerful Vape Batteries: Vape pen battery technology has gone through tremendous innovations. By becoming more powerful and providing more customizable options, these have propelled themselves to the top of the vape pen industry. 

Technological Advancements: Tabletop vaporizers - while slowly starting to fade out for more convenient technology, have shown that they can emulate the standard dab rig almost perfectly. If not exactly the same, the overall performance goes far beyond that. 

Overall the vape industry focuses on improving performance and quality without sacrificing the affordable nature of these devices. We take these things to the next step.


Disposable Vapes And How We Improve

Disposable vape pens are some of the most popular devices currently in the industry. The reason why is due to the improvements implemented in performance and battery life.  

The disposable vape wasn't always popular, although it has gained momentum in current years, there was a time when they were looked at as cheap junk that simply showcased what could be done at the time. 

The original disposable debuted in late 2016/ early 2017. They looked very similar to their 510-thread counterpart (which we will cover later). While they would become popular today, they were designed for a completely different purpose altogether. 

The original disposable vape pen had a low mAh battery and the tank contained a cotton wick. These were originally designed to vape standard ejuice. Ejuice is much thinner in viscosity and required far less voltage power in order to vape. 

This was happening at the same time mass-scale CBD extraction methods were starting to evolve. Wax extract from the raw plant material left a sticky -fully concentrated extract that could be vaporized in a "dab rig". While the standard disposable vape pen didn't have the power of the ability to handle thicker wax, it still didn't stop people from trying it out. 

What they found changed the industry forever. 

While they provided just enough to get the ball rolling, major improvements needed to be made. We will come back to disposable vapes, but for now, this is when the industry shifted to 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread vape pen batteries


510 Thread Cartridges and 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery

While the disposable was great at showing what could be done, the next step of actually doing came into play. In order to vape CBD wax, the cartridge needed to replace the cotton wick and replace it with a better material. But, what was it? 

510 thread cartridges had to take a look backward in order to move forward. By the time all of this vape pen technology had hit the shelves, dab rigs were starting to shift the overall industry. While dab rigs were large, bulky, required a lot of accessories, and were fragile, it still set up what could be done for 510 thread vape pens. 

One of the things they looked at was the "banger". The banger would be heated up with a butane torch and provided an inaccurate temperature. While this was okay, the materials were looked at as a way to improve vape pen battery performance. Titanium bangers would handle high temperatures but didn't have the appropriate flavor profile. On the other side of the coin, glass had a great flavor profile, but wasn't durable enough. The last material was the one everyone went with. The porous nature of ceramic made the flavor fantastic, and the durable material allowed for higher voltage levels to pass through.  

The vape pen battery also needed to upgrade in order to handle the now-improved disposable carts. In order to accurately handle what the cartridges were designed to do, the 510 thread vape battery needed to provide more power without limiting its size Multiple designs came into the industry at the time, and many had variable voltage and preheat functions. This would help unclog vape pens and provide customers with a customizable experience. 


iKrusher: The Best Cartridges And 510 Batteries

We have developed some of the most innovative vape pen technology on the market. 

The S1 510 Thread Battery: This was the vape battery that started it all. Before anyone else implemented variable voltages  - we thought of it. With three voltage settings, you can choose which will be the best for you! The S1 vape battery is perfect! 

The S2 Slim 510 Battery: This was a major upgrade for the S1. With a larger battery, better variable voltage settings and preheat function, this battery delivers the optimal 510 thread battery performance. 

The Tux: We wanted the tux to be able to handle higher voltage temperatures. This is why we developed our patented "ikonic" ceramic cartridge technology in order to improve flavor performance and prevent clogging. 

The Calibr: This 510 cartridge developed larger intake holes to prevent clogging. This also was the first device in which we utilized a pure ceramic coil. No more metal wires are used to heat them up - it's 100% ceramic. 


Vape Pod Systems

Vape pod systems include a pod and a vape battery. Almost completely similar to the 510 thread counterpart, they utilize a specific thread or magnet to hold the pod. They can only be used with a specific battery. This is different from the widely universal 510 technology.

These have benefited businesses exponentially. While the 510 cartridges are universal, if you sell high-quality oil, you want people to come back. What better way to have them coming back than by selling them a pod that only works with your battery? Hand out the battery for free as a promotional device and see how many people keep coming back!


iKrusher Vape Pod Systems: Optimal Performance

Our vape pod systems not only outperform the competition, but they also have the quality feel that should be associated with high-quality technology.

The Katto Battery and Pod: By utilizing our iKonic ceramic technology, we have made a vape pod that performs to the fullest extent! The Katto vape battery also provides the most power output for these pods. 

The Vfire and Vfire Pro: The Vfire and Vfire pro are our flagship vape pods. By utilizing both pure ceramic and our iKonic ceramic technology, we have created one of the pure vape pen experiences on the market! 

The Astro Battery and Astro Pod: The Astro is one of our most popular vape pod systems. By implementing a powerful battery and durable coil technology, these are a no-brainer! 


Disposable Vapes (Continued)

While the vape pod system was going to be a hard competitor to the 510 thread technology, the disposable vape had finally caught up in performance. One of the things that p[lagued early disposable vapes were their battery would die, and the cartridge would burn out long before the tank was finished. Now, disposable vapes have implemented major technological improvements. 

Implementing the ceramic coil was a must. On top of that major improvements to the disposable vape pen battery were also introduced. While larger batteries, tank size, and cartridge quality improved, this meant that oil manufacturers felt safe purchasing these again. 


How Did iKrusher Take Disposable Vapes to The Next Level?

We have implemented a new form of technology for standard disposable vapes. We wanted users to not have to worry about a thing! Vape oil manufacturers can now adjust the voltage curve over an 8-second time interval thank the iKrusher OMNI Smart System. 

The Nord TC: We have the original Nord which was the flagship for disposable vapes. By providing a number of different options - we wanted to give more. By adding the OMNI technology to this, we have taken our most popular disposable vape and given it the next evolution in vape hardware. 

The Tik Pro Mini: The Tik Pro was a famous device from iKrusher. it provided everything a user needed for a great price! By utilizing a 0.5 mL tank and a rechargeable battery, this device changed the game. Now it has the OMNI system to adjust voltage control and preheat settings. 

The Uzo TC: The original UZO was seen as an innovation milestone. We developed a disposable vape in order to give users the smallest vaporizer. Smaller than a lighter there was no way we could have added more, but we did. We have been able to fully implement the OMNI smart system into the UZO. 


iKrusher Has The Best Custom Vapes

We offer a fully customizable vape pen experience. If you are looking for your own brand to start, then there is no better place than our iKrusher Custom Vape app. Here, you can fully customize your vape pen and give your brand the ability to stand out above the rest. 

Every one of our iKrusher vape pens and batteries has the ability to be fully customizable! 

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