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The Best Vapes For Delta-8 CBD

The Best Vapes For Delta-8 CBD

As new technologies develop, the focus on Delta-8 CBD extracts has become more prominent in the vape industry. Thicker oils can cause different coils and vaporizer batteries to run short of their initial lifespan. 

With further investment into extraction technology, the use of such methods has resulted in wax and oil taking different forms. From crumble, to shatter and standard wax, the technological side of the industry has had to keep up with a range of different vaporizer devices. As such, new forms such as Delta-8 CBD have been created with a much thicker viscosity.

Delta-8 CBD have become notorious for thicker, and more potent viscosities. Thus having a disposable vaporizer that can adequately handle higher voltage levels while still maintaining the best battery life has been the focus for vape industry leaders. 

While the start of the industry showed what small, disposable vaporizers could do for standard juice, 510 thread technology took that to the next stage with the introduction of ceramic coil 510 thread cartridges and variable voltage 510 thread vaporizer batteries

The technology that helped propel the 510 thread industry to the "industry standard" design was implemented into new disposable vaporizers. 

Unfortunately, there were still drawbacks when the jump was made. Disposable vaporizers had the tendency to lose their battery life prior to finishing the remaining content within the vape tank. This was the first big catalyst that saw the initial switch to 510-thread batteries and cartridges.  The issue left someone shorted on a purchase and not enjoying their product. 

Delta-8 CBD Pushes Vaporizer Technology

Technology has since improved on its first shortcoming and developed vape battery technology to hold more power and produce the perfect hit every time. 

Delta-8 CBD also had its drawbacks when it first came out, although nothing to do with the quality of the production, the viscosity of the oil meant that disposable vapes didn't have the right temperature settings without sacrificing the overall disposable nature of the product. 

This is where we arrive at the future of vape pen technology: The iKusher OMNI Smart System and TC Series make the best Delta-8 CBD vaporizers on the market. 

iKrusher OMNI And TC SERIES: The Best Vapes For Delta 8 CBD

The next phase in disposable vaporizer evolution is here, the OMNI Smart System and iKrusher TC disposable vaporizers are here to showcase the new power of our vaporizer line. 

We took our most popular disposable vaporizer hardware and gave it the OMNI upgrade. Each disposable vaporizer comes with the OMNI temperature control system that allows you to adjust the overall voltage curve of your vaporizer through an 8-second time span. 

While having a powerful battery is key, the ability to adjust the vaporizer voltage curve greatly reduces the stress on the coil, as well as maintains the full effective performance of the best disposable vape. 

The iKrusher OMNI Smart System

The OMNI is the latest innovative technological advancement here at iKrusher HQ. With the ability to adjust the overall performance of your disposable vaporizer, we have implemented the right technology to handle the high voltage and coil stress for Delta-8 CBD.

The ability to manually adjust your vaporizer's voltage curve ensures that your device doesn't overheat with long or even multiple hits in succession. Our technology can give you an accurate reading of where the device will taper off in terms of voltage. This is to stabilize the internal temperature of the device. 

The OMNI Smart System has multiple pre-set temperature settings including Delta-8 CBD. You can start from there and manually adjust the settings to give your customers the best experience for your products. 

More power is necessary in order to vape Delta-8 CBD. Which is why we added rechargeable technology to our TC Series. 

The iKrusher TC Series


The Nord TC is one of iKrusher's most popular devices. Its small nature allows for a maxed-out battery and ultimate discretion. The Nord was our most optimized disposable vaporizer and it was fitting that it would be the next in line for the future of vape technology. We still have the upgraded features from previous versions, and we have been able to add the power of temperature control to the overall mix. The NORD TC is all of our innovative pieces of technology at iKrusher wrapped into one.


The UZO was our most popular device. Incorporating our new iKonic ceramic coils and auto-shut-off technology, this disposable vaporizer could handle the thickest oils and waxes of the time. Live resin was the new innovation that put it to the test. Our engineers put these coils to the test to see if it could handle the thickest oils and it prevailed with flying colors. Thus, UZO TC was the next device to be added to our innovative line of vape hardware. All of these improvements make this one of the best vape pens.


The TIK PRO was another one of our highly optimized disposable vapes. While the size wasn't an issue, we figured those technological innovations should make things smaller. Don't worry, the TIK PRO MINI packs the same power and voltage as the TIK PRO but it also has the upgrade features of the OMNI Smart System. While it is the smallest in our lineup, it is still one of the best vape pens and provides the most effective vaporizer performance overall standard disposable vaporizer batteries. 

Delta-8 CBD And The TC Series

While many disposable vaporizers can handle Delta-8 CBD, that is ALL they can do. The iKrusher TC Series disposable vaporizer line is the perfect compatible device for Delta-8 CBD. This will save your customers the heartache of buying a product with your name on it and having it be a bum device. 

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