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The Evolution Of Vape Pods

The Evolution Of Vape Pods

Vape pods are increasingly popular among the new generation of vaporizer hardware. The technological innovation that started with small simple devices has evolved to create some of the best devices for current users. 

But why are they so popular and how is it starting to shape the next generation of vaporizer products? Let's look at how this started, and where vape pods will end up in the near future. 


Vape Pods Started From Basic Ideas

During the introduction to vapes, several innovations were already happening within the industry. People found that you could extract CBD from raw plant material using a number of different methods. This resulted in the first wave of "dabbing". Instead of smoking the basic flower, all of the taste trichomes would be separated from the plant and the end result was a sticky wax that we know today as "dabs".

This provided one of the largest shifts within the industry. From then on, people would change their glassware settings to include utilizing wax. This meant purchasing a banger, a torch, butane, and a carb cap. The banger would be made from glass, metal, or ceramic materials in order to give users a variety of different experiences. 

At the same time, technology was improving and vaporizers were first hitting the shelves. Although they were not meant to handle thick oily wax, they were designed to handle thinner e-juice. There was;t a lot of time between people using these devices for juice and those utilizing them to vape wax. The first dab pens were born. 

While they showcased what the technology of the time could do, there needed to be major upgrades to these vapes in order for them to gain popularity and function appropriately for users. 


The First Vape Pods

510 thread and disposable batteries were the first to showcase the technology. Unfortunately, they lacked the power and function that could effectively be utilized for multiple sessions. Thus the first few technological upgrades needed to be made.

This is also where we started to see the shift away from all-in 0one disposable vaporizers to the most popular type of 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries. On their own, they could make the necessary improvements to give users the best vape pen experience. 

First, the battery needed a major upgrade. Improving the overall lifespan of the battery along with the power output meant that consumers could vape at different voltage levels and for longer durations. On top of that, sticking a rechargeable USB port to the bottom meant that they can be used over and over again without needing to throw them out. 

Secondly, the 510 cartridges needed to be upgraded with stronger coils. The original coils were cotton and could not handle the over-extended use of heating thicker oils. They were regularly meant for standard juice. So designers and manufacturers moved to what made using wax so popular in the first place - dab rigs. By using different materials that could withstand higher temperatures and longer durations, vape pens became more effective and more enjoyable. Ceramic technology was then made the standard for many of these products due to its long-lasting durability, high heat retention, and impactful flavor profile. 

Most would argue that the 510 cartridges and battery on their own were the first standard "vape pods". 


Technology Changes

While the standard technology was set, innovators wanted to specialize their products in uses that would specifically benefit them. Think about Apple: if you wanted to use an Apple product, you needed to purchase everything else from the company, they threw out the idea of "industry standard" and implemented their own version of what it could be. This is where vape pod systems come in. many oil manufacturers wanted to link up with tech giants in order to give themselves a leg-up in the industry. For many, this meant that having a specific vape battery and a specific vape pod meant that users would be specifically coming back to them over and over again. 

This brought about the revolution of every manufacturer developing their own vaporizer technology in order to create a sense of brand awareness. 

Thus the Vape Pod and vape battery were introduced to the market. By taking every component of what made vaping cool, i.e ceramic coils, longer battery life, and so forth, they could fill pods with their specific oil and could purchase a battery specifically tailored to be used in compatibility with their vape pods. 

These innovations have helped propel the vape pod system in order to dominate the industry. While there is sharp competition from other vape products like 510 thread cartridges, 510 thread batteries, and disposable vaporizers, it seems that consumers are especially popular with people looking to stick with one brand. 

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