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The History of Disposable Vaporizers

The History of Disposable Vaporizers

The history of disposable vaporizers is a long line of technical innovations. From 510 thread cartridges to all-in-one batteries, the technology has evolved dramatically over the course of a few short years. Let's take a look at how the industry has changed.


2017 The Invention Of The First Disposable Vaporizers

Vaporizer technology had grown significantly since it was first introduced in the early 2010s, alongside nicotine vaporizers, many thought of how to incorporate the same technology into being used for CBD. The result was small, 0.5 - 1.0 ml tanks with a cotton wick on a small, battery. 

These were the start of what the industry could do and they flew off the shelves quickly. While they were prevalent, they had their absolute drawbacks. 

The first was that cartridges were often made with low-quality materials such as plastic as well as cotton wick. Many had issues with the cotton wick due to its inability to maintain a long life span under thicker concentrates. The amount of energy would often burn out and fry the cotton leaving a terrible burnt taste in one's mouth. On top of that, if the cotton wick died, and you had a large number of oils left in the cartridge, you were out of luck. 

The other drawback was battery life and power. These 510-thread batteries would often hold just enough power for inhaling. If the battery died (much like the cotton wick) then you were left trying to find a way to reclaim the concentrates from your tank. Most likely, you would have just given up and switched to something else. 

While these devices were great at showcasing what was possible, the industry changed its focus on how it could potentially improve upon the technology. 


Ceramic Technology Creates The Best Experience

The first thing was to change the type of wick these cartridges would have. Typical bangers for concentrates utilized either metal, glass or ceramic. Each has its own unique properties. Glass was able to provide a cleaner taste and better heat retention, but titanium could handle higher temperatures. Ceramic gave the most flavorful experience for users while being able to retain heat at higher temperatures. This made the next move obvious - replace the cotton with ceramic. 

The industry standard thus shifted again to promote a cleaner, healthier vaporizer experience. One would combine the imagery of health and wellness. This created a divide among branding possibilities. Do people like the "space wizard rainbow" style or the "earthly, kale-eating" properties of vaping? It was their choice to decide...but we digress. 


Vaporizer Batteries Increase In Power And Strength

In order to provide higher voltage temperatures, the battery had to become larger. This also meant that the battery had to hold more energy as well. In order to consistently take hits from a higher-powered micro pen device meant that the battery needed to be big enough to hold the energy while still delivering upwards of 3.7 volts per hit throughout the day. 

Thus, larger batteries and customizable voltage settings were introduced. The customizable voltage setting would help consumers adjust to the perfect voltage curve for themselves. 


Optimization: Disposable Vaporizers

While these devices were going through some hard research and development, the rest of the vaporizer industry had moved away from fully customizable options and went for all-in-one vaporizers. Nicotine vaporizers had begun a transformation away from large box mods into small, compact, and handy disposable vapes. As this trend was happening, the CBD industry moved along with it. The result was a small device with the technological innovations that ceramic cartridges and vape pens had developed over the years, and placed into a small device without issue. 

The once-industry standard that cartridges have developed has gone incredibly far. While these vaporizers still hold the largest sway in the industry, disposable vaporizer technology is fast approaching. 

Disposable vaporizers are quickly catching up to what 510 thread batteries have established, but there are some drawbacks to disposable vapes. 

These drawbacks include lower battery life for higher-powered hits, non-customizable settings, and coil quality. 

Fortunately, iKrusher technology is the leading technological innovator for vaporizers. With the development of the OMNI smart hub, the filler can now activate its settings to provide the perfect hit for its customers. On top of that, iKrusher disposable devices have both a pure ceramic coil and our patented iKrusher "iKonic" technology. 


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