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The iKrusher Stylus Is The Next Stage In 510 Vape Pen Tech

The iKrusher Stylus Is The Next Stage In 510 Vape Pen Tech

The iKrusher Stylus is the newest addition to our 510-thread vape battery line. By combining a 650 mAh 510 thread battery with the innovative technology of iKrusher, we now have one of the most discrete and powerful vape batteries on the market. 

510 thread vape pens have been in tough competition with the next generation of disposable vapes and vape pod systems. While it remains the universal style of a vape pen, its innovative upgrades over its history have helped keep it at the top selling position. 

Now, with more discrete vaporizers hitting the shelves, the iKrusher Stylus is the best method for getting your 510 carts anywhere without attracting anyone's attention. 


The iKrusher Stylus Is A Hidden Gem

Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes. There was a time when your 510 thread vape pen battery had to look distinct and colorful, the other side of the coin was to develop devices that don't stand out in a person's pocket, backpack, or glove box. 

The stylus looks like an ordinary fountain pen - albeit a little larger. The design is sleek and unnoticeable. It could easily be mistaken as a pen, or tablet stylus - thus the name. 

Discretion was the first thing iKrusher industries focused on when developing a device that could be unnoticeable to the public. 

With a magnetic cover that easily connects itself to the battery, your 510 thread carts will be hidden away from view while also being protected. 

How many times has this scenario happened to you or someone you know:

You have a nice cartridge of CBD oil that you put on top of your 510-thread battery pen. The settings are perfect, the battery is charged and you have an almost full cartridge of CBD oil. You take a hit and put the vape pen back into your pocket. You then walk to your couch - and because you "forgot" your vape was in your pocket, it bends and cracks that glass cartridge. 

The iKrusher Stylus has solved that problem and any other problem that would cause your precious 510 cartridges to crack or break. Ever take a hit of your pen, and put it back into your pocket only to realize you just completely missed it and now your device is on the ground? Well, we solved that. Have you ever thought you were pulling out your pen at work at a work meeting only to find out that you just outed yourself as the company stoner because you accidentally pulled out your vape pen? We solved that. 


The Stylus 510 Thread Battery

The vape pen battery has always been the subject of innovation. We here at iKrusher have always been the pioneer in implementing the next stage in 510 battery evolution. We wanted to give the device the best 510 vape pen performance possible. 

The Stylus 510 vape battery has everything you need to vape your CBD-filled 510 thread cartridges. With variable voltage settings, the stylus can be adjusted to your choice of low, medium, and high. 

On top of that, the Stylus 510 battery is OMNI compatible. This means that you can adjust the overall voltage settings and then adjust the power curve in order to have the most optimal vape pen performance. 


What Is The OMNI Smart System?

The OMNI Smart System is the next stage in revolutionary vape pen hardware. The OMNI Smart system, allows the oil filler to adjust its power curve for all of their vape pens. While this has revolutionized the disposable vape pen industry, it has also helped to keep the 510-thread vape pen in competition. 

Having an adjustable voltage curve is different than having a variable voltage. Variable voltage is what happens when you have three settings to choose from. A "high", "medium" and "low". Each setting is pre-set with a voltage setting. Many different 510 vape pens vary in the voltage level between the settings, but with the OMNI, you can select the voltage curve for each voltage setting. 

This might sound a bit confusing - so follow with me on this example:

I choose the "blue" setting on my 510 thread vape pen. For the sake of this example, let's say the "blue" setting is 3.1 volts. Every time I take a drag of my vape pen, the coil will heat up utilizing 3.1 volts. This makes sense on paper, but what happens when you take heavy drags or constantly hit your pen? At this rate, your coil might be hitting 3.1 volts each time, but the temperature is far exceeding the normal level that you originally wanted. This can cause a number of issues with your vape pen including clogging, recharging issues, or shorting the coil. 

The power curve will taper off towards the end of your 8-second hit. This puts less stress on the battery as well as produces the most optimal flavor performance.


iKrusher 510 Thread Cartridges

We can't talk about our high-end vape pen performance without talking about why it goes so well together with our 510 thread cartridges. We developed our 510 carts to be some of the best in the industry. With our "iKonic" ceramic technology, our cartridges such as the Tux Pro and Calibr Pro have become a staple in iKrusher technology. 

Our iKrusher ceramic technology is far more porous than our competitors. This traps the CBD oil and preserves an optimal flavor profile. Combining our ceramic technology with the performance-enhancing features of the OMNI smart system works to create the most optimal performance and exceptional flavor. 

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