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The UZO TC: Total Control

The UZO TC: Total Control

The UZO TC is one of the latest in an ever-changing and diverse lineup of innovative vaporizer hardware. The results are staging the set for the next big industry shift. The UZO TC allows for total voltage customization and much more.


Disposable Vaporizers

When small, compact concentrate vaporizers hit the shelves for the first time, the industry got to take a step back and look at what they created. The era of closing your eyes and inventing a new product had come to a standstill. With industry standards now forming behind the development of the 510 thread vaporizer cartridge, the industry went from having tons of different products that each had their own specialized pod system was falling by the wayside. 

There was a brief 2-year period where the 510-thread battery was the innovative king of all vape technology. Its small, compact size and apparent "disposable" nature meant that users could discretely hit their pens at work or while out with friends. 

If they lost their pen, or it died, they could simply hit up their local vape shop and pick up another. While this worked out in sales, customers caught on to how much they were spending and decided to keep their pens around. Having a device that was more than just a basic "stick" style and shape that you could throw away meant that many wanted to keep them around for longer. 

After this short time period, industry manufacturers thought about where they could go next. Thus the idea of a full-encompassing device that would hold the concentrates, and provide enough power to the system became the focal point for development. 


Disposable Vaporizers and The UZO

When all-in-one disposable vaporizers hit the scene, the industry broke off into two separate structures. The first was for the 510-thread battery and 510-thread cartridge. The second was innovating vaporizer technology that had everything a standard 510 thread system could do but in one simple and easy device. 

When the UZO was created, it was designed ahead of its competitors. Many manufacturers tried to create the most simple, and small device they could. This led to a smaller-than-expected start for newly emerging prospects. 

Users enjoyed having multiple voltage settings and devices that made them feel like what they were doing wasn't just something they should throw away. With disposables, the industry went for the lowest cost at the start. 

This was due to figuring out if anyone actually wanted these. Smaller-than-average battery life and basic technology were all that could fit into the compact device. If the battery died before the concentrate was fully used up, well then you were out of luck. At least with a 510 thread cartridge, you could either swap the battery if it didn't have enough juice OR you could transfer the concentrates to a new tank with a little savviness. 

The UZO disposable vaporizer battery was one of the first to develop a recharging port in order for consumers to get everything they could out of a simple and small device. 

These events wouldn't have happened if the industry went "all in" and developed them from the start. The idea of popularity wasn't around - until the industry put it on the table. 


The UZO TC Disposable Vape Pen: Total Control

The UZO TC is the next stage in vaporizer technology. iKrusher has created a small, compact device that allows for recharging and much, much more. 

With innovative technology, we can connect the UZO TC disposable vaporizer to the OMNI Smart System. This allows fillers to fully customize how their concentrates will vape. 

Many of these devices only have a rough number for voltage settings. The OMNI smart system combined with the UZO TC disposable vape creates the perfect system of customizability. 


Why Do We Love The UZO TC?

Everyone has their own way to extract their concentrates. Depending on which wax you are using to fill the vape, your temperature settings can have an impact on the overall vaporizer performance. 

With Live Rosin and Live Resin, as well as delta -8, these extracts are thick in viscosity and can put more stress on the coil. The more stress on the coil, the harder the battery had to work in order to fully vaporize the material. This caused the device to run out of juice before finishing the entire tank. 

The UZO TC allows you to adjust every aspect of the vape ratio. This works to prevent shortages and provides your customers with the most updated and effective vaporizer experience on the market! 

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