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Top 3 iKrusher Vaporizers

Top 3 iKrusher Vaporizers

iKrusher manufacturers some of the best vapes in the industry. With multiple locations throughout the United States, we strive to build innovative technologies that are high-quality and easy to use. 

We put together a list of our top 3 vaping devices to showcase our innovation and technical engineering. Don't let "technology" steer you away from the best possible vaping experience though. All of the tricky hard stuff is what we work with to leave you the easiest and best experience that money can buy.



The Akimbo Dual Vaporizer

The Akimbo dual wield vaporizer was the brainchild of our engineers. While there are so many different vapes on the market, each one has its own shortcomings.

Many "Dual Concentrates and Dry Herb Vaporizers" sacrifice functionality in order to do so.  

We've all looked through our local vape store, scanned available devices, or even looked for a new one. Then we spot something new. An "all-in-one" vaporizer. Its small, compact, fits in your hand and is relatively discrete. Also, the cost isn't that high. This seems like the perfect trifecta of vaping, right? 

You say "what the heck". Purchase it, take it home, and are ready to try out each feature individually. You load up your concentrate in the specific atomizer first and start to notice that the heat-up time is slow. On top of that, the power that needs to be drawn for an optimal hit is not enough from such a tiny battery. It drained a good level of power for heating up your first hit. 

Not only that but if you were looking to vape at a higher level, then you risk burning out the atomizer.

All of these issues have been taken into consideration when we developed the Akimbo vaporizer.

The Akimbo Offers Two Heating Elements

Not only does the Akimbo offer two batteries for a combined whopping 2600mAh battery, but you can control which battery you use for either dry-herb or concentrate. Each heating element allows you to alternate freely between a setting of your choice. Want to do concentrates? You can set one battery with a preset temperature. Want to vape dry herbs? The other heating element can be set at a different heating temperature to allow the user to make the switch. This device provides a lot of unique features for an optimal experience. 

Conduction and Convection

Not only can you swap between pure heating and vaporization, but you can also customize the two together in order to have a perfect balance and get the exact hit that you are looking for. Whether it's low-temp, medium-temp, or high-temp, you will find what you are looking for with this portable and easy-to-use vaporizer. 



The Quest Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

The Quest Portable Concentrate Vaporizer is perhaps one of the most innovative concentrate vaporizers on the market. 

We took the functionality of a tabletop vape and put it into a handheld convenient battery-powered device complete with a water filter that can be moved for easy cleaning purposes. 

The battery delivers a whopping 3000mAh for portability that takes you wherever you want. We also took the liberty of developing atomizers that can be replaced quickly and easily. Another "favorite" of our design team was the slide-out feature where the atomizer sits. It just "feels good". 

The temperature range can be adjusted to your preference and form. Another innovative feature of the Quest is that, instead of a carb cap, it utilizes a side-scrolling wheel located just above the atomizer which allows you to adjust the airflow while you are taking your hit. 

Need to charge the Quest? Not to worry! We included a C-standard charging port for easy recharging capabilities! 

Everything you need to vape concentrates in the best possible fashion is here with the Quest.



The Alpha: iKrusher's Best All-In-One Vaporizer

While portability isn't the number 1 function of this device, the ability to give users every possible option for their vaping experience is what we had in mind. 

The Alpha offers virtually any method you can think of. With a 6000mAh battery, this can hold up to 30 sessions on a single charge. Not only that but charging is fast and easy with the c-type charging system. 

That's just the most basic of basics that the Alpha has. 

The glass mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass which is durable and can handle heat without the issue of expansion. 

The Alpha comes with two different types of carb caps. The First one is a directional carb cap which eliminates airflow, the second is a carb cap that allows for small amounts of airflow to move the concentrate around while you are taking your hit. 

While other companies give you a replaceable atomizer, the issues that stem from that come from the "easy to manufacture" side. Unfortunately, these atomizers are prone to break easily and can cost a significant amount of money, that is why our heating element is located inside the Alpha. The remaining parts are a titanium cup with a ceramic insert. Simply place the ceramic insert inside the titanium cup and place it on the heating element of the vape. 

The Alpha also comes with a self-cleaning function that allows you to clean the induction cups without any hassle, or cleaning solutions. Its simple and easy-to-use functionality makes the Alpha the leader of the pack! 

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