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Whats Next For Vape Batteries?

Whats Next For Vape Batteries?

Vape batteries have seen a crazy evolution since their inception. From the humble small-scale beginnings to massive innovation and technological improvements. The standard vape battery has staked its claim on the market. 

In 2017, vape batteries hit the scene like a 12-mile-long meteor crashing into the sea. The device's impact has left a resonating shockwave that has not only created a whole new method for users to enjoy their product but also develop more innovative and creative ways to vape. 

Since its inception, the simple 510 thread battery and cartridge has evolved into a dominating industry that is pushing close to 25% of the entire North American industry. 

In such a short time, these small batteries have had tremendous growth in technical innovation. While they were simply a 510 thread battery with limited charging capabilities as well as a pre-set voltage level, even the most basic vape pen contains more options for a more personalized vaping experience. 


2017 - Vape Batteries Hit The Market

In the beginning, the vape battery craze wasn't accepted wholeheartedly. Mostly due to the low battery size, as well as cartridge innovation hadn't quite caught up to the standard many were looking for. Cotton wicks were seen as limited in terms of effectiveness and would short out quickly. 

Then came larger vape batteries with multiple voltage settings. On top of that, coil innovation gave way to ceramic coils which can reach higher heat levels as well as maintain a longer lifespan. With these two innovations put together, cartridge size had the ability to grow. The typical 0.5 mL cartridge was then bumped up to a full 1.0 mL size. It was when these three factors came together that the vape industry exploded. 


2018 Showcases Vaporizer Technology In Full-Force

While simple 510 thread batteries developed the necessary innovation to change the vape industry. So did other products. While a vape cartridge cannot simply use Rosin, it has to be watered down with a solvent. Regular dabs are also not best used with 510 thread cartridges as they can clog the vents and restrict airflow. For those looking to have the benefits of a full-scale dab rig without the need for a torch and butane, the industry started to head in this direction. With tabletop vaporizers, the industry was able to remove the "dirty work" of dabbing.

Devices at this time were introduced with more customizable settings and options. Instead of the standard that was created a year prior with 3 pre-set voltage settings, the industry moved to full temperature ranges. Along with that, we saw the introduction of small (yet effective) dual vaporizers. These would be able to handle both dry herb and concentrates with the simple switch of a coil. 

Coil technology also showcases improvements. With barbed titanium coils for dabbing, flavor profiles now became a hot topic when it came to concentrates. 


Vape Batteries Continue To Dominate

Back in the day, smoking was a simple concept. You have a hand pipe, some herb, and a lighter. Unfortunately, the smell that would come from using these was a dead giveaway. Technology continues to grow and produce the next generation of vaping products. 

While there are plenty of users who continue to use the traditional methods, the industry is moving forward in a technological sense. While it was easy to make a pipe out of an old water jug and some tin foil, or an apple and a hollowed-out pen (if you were lucky) today's world is built around spending that extra 10 - 15 dollars in order to have the best possible vape experience. 


510 Thread Batteries Are Being Replaced By Disposable/ Rechargeable Batteries

While 510 thread batteries laid the groundwork for the industry, another contender is quickly shooting its way through the ranks. These are rechargeable and disposable vape batteries. By utilizing the same ceramic coil in an all-in-one single-use vape battery, customers can purchase their product and have it ready to go right out of the package. 

These didn't start off as the most popular method, nor have they reached the milestones that other vaporizers have achieved, but they have carved their niche out within the industry. For starters, when these products hit the shelves, there was an issue as to the integrity of the battery life. Sometimes, customers would report that the battery would die before they were able to finish the contents of the tank. 

That issue was quickly changed to allow for a USB charging system that could help achieve the full effect of the vaporizer. 


What Is Next For Vape Batteries?

Bigger is always better. As of now the higher levels of voltage and longer-lasting coils means that tanks and cartridges can go bigger. 

While standard 510 thread batteries and disposable rechargeable batteries are the current leaders of the pack, the industry is going to look to more innovative measures. 

Having pen-sized batteries with LED displays for voltage/wattage measurement is looking like it could be a product for more enthused users and even though battery sizes are getting bigger, like all technological advancements, a smaller battery will be able to hold the same amount of power in the near future. 

This means that smaller batteries with that same power output will be on the horizon. 



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