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The Vaping Industry: What's Next?

The Vaping Industry: What's Next?

The vaping industry has seen some of the most technological innovations since smartphones came onto the market. Throughout our humble beginnings, we have seen the industry shift in more ways than you can count on your hand. From establishing basic dab rigs, to box mods, to disposable vaporizers, and refillable cartridges the technology is constantly shifting and swaying to provide consumers with the most optimal experience. Let's take a slight look at where we started, where we are now, and what the future holds for the vaping industry. 


How Did The Vaping Industry Begin?

We can go as far back as the 60's when scientists first discovered a way to inhale nicotine without the use of tobacco. They simply made a cylindrical tube and places a piece of paper that was soaked into a small pool of nicotine, rolled it up, and stick it inside the tube. They would then inhale without having the nasty smoke smell or risk inhaling the additives the cigarette companies would put into their cigarettes. This was one of the first accounts that leads us to where we are today. Unfortunately, it never took hold of America the way modern vaping has. 

Let's fast forward a couple of decades - With more and more states developing common-sense policies, the implementation of newer technologies has made it more appealing to newer customers as well as those looking to get into something more advanced. 

The first real big vaporizer invention was the introduction of box mods. These hulking bricks were the real big start for vaping. Vaporizer technology was new and the appeal of moving people over from cigarettes was the key strategy. They utilized two 18650 batteries and came with a tank that you would fill with nicotine-added e juice. The tank also had a replaceable coil that would burn out after consistent use. While vaping was a great alternative to cigarettes, there were other innovations coming out in the concentrate industry. 


Concentrates Become Popular

During this same time, and since both California and Colorado established legalization, many users, both new and old were seeing new ways to vaporize their favorite products. With concentrates becoming more popular, there had to be new and creative ways to use them. Believe me when I say that the industry has created some of the best engineers. Literally, anyone can Mcguyver a smoking apparatus in no time. For concentrates, there were typically smaller pieces that required less technical filtration systems. That hasn't stopped many from creating elaborate devices, though. As soon as the race for creating the most decked-out rig became popular, so did the inclination that the technology going into this race could be applied to electronic purposes and the big beefy box mods. 


The First Big Wave of Vaporizer Innovation

While box mods were a handy way to achieve your dreams, they were big, bulky, and expensive. Over the course of time, improvements to technology made them smaller, more compact, concealable, and more powerful. Products like 5/10 thread batteries and 5/10 thread cartridges along with disposable vape batteries hit the market and quickly dominated the space. Still, that didn't remove the specialty devices for more improved experiences. The 510 thread cartridge then became one of the fastest-selling and universal devices for the CBD industry. 

Products like all-in-one vaporizers began to take hold. With vaporizer technology improving faster and more effectively than ever before, customers got to see how having a large battery and multiple chambers for their specific needs could be customized to their specific preferences. While the teeter-totter of industry went up and down, it leveled off. With one side going towards small, handy, and simple vape devices, the other went to technologically innovative and specific vaporizers. 


What Comes Next?

The industry has seen multiple new additions to it since its start. In the United States, common-sense policies are increasing from state to state. While California and Colorado were some of the first states to establish this new frontier, other states that continue to push forward the legalization process are learning how they can get their foot in the door. 

We need to look at industry demands. For many users, having a vape cartridge with 1mL used to be the norm, but now people want more. Not only that, but they are willing to spend the money for double the product. This is why 2.0mL disposable vaporizers and refillable vapes are seeing a massive uptick in sales this year alone

On the other side of the proverbial teeter-totter, specialized vaporizers are creating ways for people to have a fully customizable and enjoyable experience with whatever they decide to do. They are also becoming safer than traditional methods. While you no longer need a butane-filled torch to heat up your glass, ceramic, or titanium banger, all you need is electricity and a good charge on your device. While this isn't the most innovative side of these vaporizers, the ability to take that technology and implement it into smaller, more portable hand-held devices. While we can stuff a product with every feature we can think of, now is the time to make all of those unique qualities more portable and on the go. 

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