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Vaporizer Cartridges See Increase In Sales

Vaporizer Cartridges See Increase In Sales

Vaporizer cartridges have seen an uptick in sales since last year. This number adds to the tremendous levels of popularity that have become a staple within the industry. As 2022 comes to a close, the overall increase in sales that vape cartridges have gained is a whopping 172% since their introduction. 


Vaporizer Cartridges Create The Industry Standard

When the first vape pens and 510 thread cartridges hit the market, it was a showcase of what the potential for new vaporizer technologies could become. At the time, they didn't pack enough power to handle thicker concentrates, nor did the components have any long-lasting effects. 

Batteries did not have the power to consistently heat up oils and wax in any long-term situation. On top of that, 510 thread cartridges were of lower quality and contained a cotton wick. The wick would burn out under the required stress and power that these batteries couldn't handle. 

Thus, innovation hit the 510-thread vaporizer cartridge and battery immediately. It was great to showcase what would happen, but then the question of WHERE it would go started to be the overall thought. Thus, the idea of creating a device that could handle thicker concentrates and oils was underway. One of the first innovations of the cartridge was replacing the cotton wick with a ceramic or titanium coil. 

The titanium coil would allow for higher voltage temperatures, while the ceramic coil could handle the same temperatures, but provided a more flavorful experience. Thus, a higher-quality experience was provided to customers and they had the option of choosing which one was best for them. 


Vaporizer Cartridges: Discrete and Powerful Quality

One of the major benefits of the 510 thread battery and refillable cartridge comes in the form of discretion. While many states have yet to pass common-sense policies, many are left with trying to find ways to enjoy themselves without being in trouble. While traditional methods had been to use glassware and burn the contents - the results would leave a distinct odor wherever you went. It was a dead giveaway.

Vape pens and cartridges have done away with the odor. By providing a non-combustible method for inhalation, they take away any fears that someone can detect what is going on. 

With the technological innovations that have come within the sphere of vaporizer cartridges, so has the perception of quality. With rumors that products don't contain the same safe materials as leading manufacturers, many were weary of choosing the cartridge over other methods. The thing that really kicked into play was the safety of ceramic coils. Without potentially burning out the cotton wick, users could take longer hits at more powerful temperatures in extended durations. 

Consumers put more thought into their purchases. They wanted to be safe while also enjoying the product. 


The Trend Continues Down Many Paths

While vaporizer cartridges are still one of the most popular devices on the market, innovation has optimized even further. 

Disposable vaporizers are now gaining momentum in the battle for technological supremacy. While consumers are used to purchasing a 510 thread battery and then purchasing a pre-filled 510 thread cartridge, developments to provide consumers with an all-in-one approach is catching up quickly. 

The point of a disposable vaporizer is to provide consumers with everything they need right out of the package. The concept has taken all the innovative properties of a 510-thread battery and vaporizer and included them together without the hassle of two trips to two different stores. 

Still, the high praise and accessibility that have dominated the entire industry for over 5 years have been the focus of vape carts. It will take a significant amount of time until anything passes the quality standard that these devices have developed. 

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