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How Vaporizers Are Improving Consumer Safety

How Vaporizers Are Improving Consumer Safety

In the past, vaporizer safety has led to a number of concerns over the quality and effectiveness of the user. While at one point, this fear was regarded as legitimate, technological advancements continue to develop safer products while increasing user enjoyment. 


Vaporizers Had A Bad Reputation When The Industry First Started

This is to say that it wasn't warranted. When vaporizers first hit the market they were crudely developed. The amount of education that users needed to understand before making the switch was much harder than it is today. On top of that, there were a number of faulty issues that came even when vapes were used properly. 

Once again, vaporizer technology was simple and required extreme caution when being used. One of the biggest problems that came up, in the beginning, was the reports of vaporizers exploding randomly. After a number of consistent reports, the issue stemmed from a lack of resistance from the heating element to the battery. 

To put this in simple terms - if a user was vaping too long and too often, the heating element would overheat and ha the potential to cause an explosion - this wasn't something people wanted to hear, especially when the item exploding was meant to be placed inside the user's mouth. 

Vaporizers at the time did not have any regulators inside of them. They were simply flat copper plates that attached themselves from the battery to the heating element. If someone had their vape in their pocket and sat down, they ran the risk of their leg sitting on the button until a large boom occurred. 

Modern vapes have done away with this incredibly crude form of vaping. Now there are microchips in everyone that provides an auto shut-off if the vaporizer is on for too long. It also allows the user to adjust how long they can have the button held down before the product cut itself off. 


Trace Metals Inside The Coil Provides Limited Vaporizer Safety

While vaping is regarded as particularly safer than smoking, there have been reports of other harmful particulates from vaporizer coils that can lead to a number of health concerns. The first is trace metals. These come from lackluster vaporizer coils. When lower-end companies have the choice to make a profit, sometimes they can cut corners. This is more likely for black market vaporizers due to the small-scale nature of production. Spend small = make slightly more. Many times, these under-the-radar concentrate companies weren't concerned with user safety, thus buying cheaper and less developed products in order to push their sales was the bottom line. 

Many of them contained metal coils that would create a number of metallic particulates which, when inhaled, would find their way into the person's lungs and bloodstream. 

It was later found that in order to use these products, the temperatures had to be lower and the metallic coil needed to be replaced with a ceramic coil. Ceramic provides clean vaporization at many different temperatures. High-profile coil manufacturers will also lab test every single product in order to ensure user safety guidelines are met. You should never purchase from "that guy making it in his garage". 


Knowing What Is In Your Prefilled Cartridge Or Pod

As we mentioned in the heading above, there are a number of reliable sources to purchase your products. On the flip side of the coin, there are a lot of unreliable sources to purchase your product. Many of these are from your friend who is just starting out and trying his hand at making cartridges or extraction at home. He doesn't have the proper lab equipment nor does he extract is probably, but he definitely wants you to try it out. The reason he's looking to you is that he doesn't want anything to happen to him. 

If the concentrates are not extracted properly then they will leave trace elements of the solvent. Depending on what solvent they use it could mean there is extra alcohol or even butane residual still in the mix. Vaping these residual chemicals can cause a number of issues for your lungs and wellbeing. 

One of the most important factors that have come from legalization across the United States has been lab-tested and approved vape products. Nobody really knows what the random person is using to make their concentrates from home. This is why high-profile vaporizer companies send each and every one of their products to meet the same high-quality assurance standards for productive and effective vaporizer safety. 



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