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Vaporizer Tips & Tricks: Save Your Vape!

Vaporizer Tips & Tricks: Save Your Vape!

Invest In Quality E-Liquids

Vaping is largely about flavors. Even if you have the best modern e-cig but vape a low-quality e-liquid, you won’t enjoy the experience. Generally, it’s possible to invest in cheap e-liquids. However, they will most likely not deliver your favorite flavor hit because they have a thinner carrier liquid and the flavor is underwhelming. Some cheap e-liquids are also full of nasty things like additives. To enjoy a great vaping experience, invest in quality e-liquid. There are many vape shops online that sell quality e-liquid. The price of quality e-liquids might be higher, but it can decrease if you purchase them in a large quantity.

Clean the Coil and Tank when Changing Flavors

To avoid a possibly unpleasant and a rather strange flavors mix, clean the coil and tank of the e-cig whenever you decide to change flavors. It’s however, important to note that some flavors tend to blend and create a wonderful concoction. That’s why some vapers fancy experimenting by mixing different flavors. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to clean the device to remove old flavors that could still be lingering as you sample new ones. What’s more, regular cleaning is an important upkeep aspect for e-cigs.

Experiment with Different Flavors

It might be great to stick to one vaping juice flavor. However, there are many vaping flavors waiting for you to try them out. If you want to try out different flavors without having to clean the coil and tank after every vaping session, invest in the best e cigarette brands. This will enable you to dispose of the e-cig after every vaping session. Thus, you shake things up by enjoying different flavors without hassles.

Manage Your E-Liquid Properly

Start every vaping session by shaking your e-juice a little to ensure that everything is mixed up before refilling the vape tank. This can make all the difference in terms of your vaping experience. What’s more, avoid leaving the bottle with your vape juice open. That’s because leaving the juice exposed to air compromises its intense flavor.

It’s also important to hide your e-liquid from direct light. Direct sunlight breaks down vape juice very quickly. Therefore, make sure that any untouched e-liquid remains in an unopened bottle and keep it in the cardboard carton. To lower the chances of degrading, pop your e-juice in a dark cupboard.

Avoid Plastic Vape Tanks

You may want to save money by purchasing a cheap e cig. However, don’t settle for an electronic cigarette with a plastic tank. Some vape starter kits come with plastic tanks. However, a plastic tank may not be sufficiently strong to resist damage by acidic flavors. It’s particularly important to avoid e-cigs with plastic tanks if you vape strong menthol or citrus flavors. That’s because these flavors can easily dig into plastic coloring and interfere with the taste of your vape juice. Therefore, go for glass tanks if you prefer vaping stronger flavors. To find high-quality tanks, as well as coils and replacement glass, check out the products offered by Horizon Vapor.

Change Coils

Coils with a crusty film will give vape flavors a burnt taste. Unfortunately, coils can’t be washed because they will burn out when used again after washing. To ensure that your vaping experience is not ruined by a damaged coil, change it whenever it starts looking crusty or burnt.

Keep E-Cigarette Away from Water

Even when using the best CBD vape pen, make sure that it does not get into contact with water. This is a particularly important tip to have in mind whenever you go swimming or having fun at the beach. Make sure that your vape pen stays dry because water can damage it and ruin your vaping experience. Therefore, keep your vape pen in a sealed plastic bag or a waterproof bag when going to places where it can come into contact with water.

Do Some Research if You Intend to Vape while Traveling

If you intend to camp in the woods or cruise, do some research about traveling and vaping. Find out whether vaping is legal or allowed at your travel destination. Also, find out if your airline or cruise line allows passengers to carry electronic cigarettes. If you intend to stay in an Airbnb, find out if your host allows guests to vape within their premises. Take time to find out more about local smoking or vaping laws. Also, plan how you will get vaping supplies at your destination.

Know Your PG/VG Vaping Ratio

You have to invest in the best e-cig and e-juice to enhance your vaping experience. However, it’s also important to know your PG/VG ratio for vaping juices. A high VG content to e-juice is ideal for a vaper that wants thick, voluminous clouds. However, a vaper that needs a deep throat hit without clouds should go for an e-juice with low VG. A Higher VG ration is better for safety or fewer allergies. This doesn’t have a throat hit and it tends to have a sweeter taste.

Check the E-Cig Battery Regularly

If the e-cig battery fails to perform as expected, you won’t enjoy your desired vaping experience. Therefore, check the e-cig battery regularly for e-juice gunk. To do this, unscrew it from the atomizer. Use a paper towel to wipe gunk before screwing it back to its place.

One thing that can ruin your vaping experience is the vaper’s tongue. This is the experience a vaper gets after vaping the same e-juice for a long time. With a vaper’s tongue, you might never taste something else. Though this can sound serious, it is not. An easy way to overcome this challenge is by trying new flavors and staying hydrated because dehydration can worsen the vaper’s tongue. It’s also crucial to practice and have fun while vaping. Simply buy an electronic cigar, relax, and focus on enjoying your vaping experience.

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