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What Are Terpenes? Optimizing Your Vape Experience

What Are Terpenes? Optimizing Your Vape Experience

Terpenes. We've heard them used for all concentrates and wax. They are now the focal point for many users. A good terpene profile will help give you the best experience when it comes to vaping your favorite products. 

While they haven't always been the industry focus, over the past few years, they have gained massive notoriety in regards to user performance. Why are they now utilizing terpenes? What is it about them that makes them so appealing and what different kinds are there? Let's take a look at how they rose to prominence and talk about which ones might be better for you! 

What Exactly Are "Terpenes"?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that can be found within a number of different fruits and flowers. Most smell exactly like the fruit or flower that they originated from. 

CBD manufacturers utilize these compounds in order to give the end user a better flavor profile as well as utilize the actual effects that come with including them in their products. 

Terpenes aren't only used in CBD products. They are used in everyday products as well! From perfumes to food, terpenes are infused into a wide range of our daily lives. 

In nature, these terpenes have a wide range of functions. Some of them help heal the plant when damaged, others work to keep infectious germs out. The same way that these work, is the same reason why we like to use them! 

How Do Terpenes Affect Users?

Terpenes produce a number of vivid smells. They also form the basis for essential oils which are the focal point for alternative treatment/ physical therapies. One of the most prominent therapies to utilize terpenes has been in the aromatherapy department. 

When you inhale these terpenes, there is a feeling of euphoria or enhanced experience. When users add terpenes to their concentrates to inhale, they can activate a number of other enhancing features. This is called the "entourage effect". 

The "entourage effect" is when the terpenes enhance the effects of the CBD or CDB when ingested into the body. Sometimes your aunt that's way too into Reiki has a point. 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Terpenes?

Limonene: This one has its roots in, well, lemons! It is one of the most common types and people can recognize it by its heavy lemon scents! It gives the user a citrus smell, derived from lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits! 

Limonene can help with the following:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • antidiabetic
  • antiviral

It works in the same fashion that cells behave. These act to protect the body from various issues. You can even take limonene straight as a supplement! 

Pinene: This is a naturally abundant terpene. It comes in two forms as well! a-pinene and b-pinene both have similar properties but allow users to have a choice as to what they are looking for. 

When you take a stroll through a forest and find your way moving through a group of pine trees, doesn't the smell create a sense of euphoria? That is because Pinene acts as what is known as a "bronchodilator". It also has anti-inflammatory effects. 

Linalool: This is by far the most abundant terpene. It's derived from the lavender plant and provides that fresh lavender scent. If you are instantly thinking about a laundry detergent commercial, well you aren't far away. Many of these fabric cleaners utilize the therapeutic effects of linalool to give your home a clean, fresh, and relaxing feeling. It is used primarily for its calming effects, but can also be used for the following. 

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antidepressant
  • anti-anxiety
  • antimicrobial

Myrcene: This can be found in lemongrass and thyme. The cool thing about myrcene is that is found naturally in the female plant. 

This is primarily used as an antioxidant. 

Which Terpenes Are Right For You?

The list goes on and on. What we have given you is the most common forms of terpenes found within the industry. Feel free to check out other options if these are not what you are looking for, but let this list act as a guide to further your knowledge on how to get the most out of your concentrate experience! 

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