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What Is An Atomizer?

What Is An Atomizer?

The atomizer is one of the most important pieces located inside a vaporizer cartridge and pod. it is essential in the combustion process. Since the start of vaping as an entire industry, the atomizer has been there. While components have swapped to newer and better-suited materials, there has always been a need for the atomizer. 

What Is An Atomizer?

An atomizer is a conducting component for the vaporization process. Energy travels from the 510-thread pen or disposable vape into what is commonly referred to as the wick or coil. The atomizer can be made from a variety of different materials such as glass, titanium, or ceramic. 

In today's world, ceramic coils have dominated the industry. This is due to the durability and high heat temperatures that it can handle.

Still, there is a different atomizer for a variety of solutions. Each one is catered to a user preference. 

Why Are There So Many Different Atomizers?

The atomizer has gone through some of the most innovative advancements within the entire spectrum of the industry. 

Through these bouts of innovation, the atomizer has gone from a cheap, uncomplicated component to one of the main factors consumers make when making a purchase. 

When they first hit the market, they utilized cotton wicks. it didn't take long until dab manufacturers took note of the small, discrete nature of the device (one that could essentially do the same thing for concentrates as it could for juice) and started testing out their concentrates inside of standard 510 thread vape cartridges to create the worlds first dab pen. 

Due to the viscosity and overall thickness of the extract, the cotton wick, low battery life, and cheaper components had to face some hard innovations. As these devices were made for people on the go and for specifically ejuice- the components were on the money for the thinner juices that were meant to be used alongside it. 

The first thing that had to improve upon was the atomizer. At this time, there had been a number of rigs and concentrate devices that were specifically catered to the dab experience. Ceramic, titanium, and glass all had their benefits and slight drawbacks - it came down to the user to be able to come up with their own solution to provide the best experience for themselves.  

Thus the choice to manufacture 510 thread cartridges for oil had to be divided up among the four that were already set before. Ceramic, glass, and metal all when through each device, and due to customer acceptance as well as the popularity of some over others, an industry standard was born. 

Ceramic atomizers were adopted due to their high durability along with their flavorful hit and higher temperature vaping. While it didn't have the same heat durability that titanium had, nor the same low-temperature flavor as glass, it did come up as the most cost-effective and durable material for future vaporizer cartridges and pods. 

There are still many different types of atomizers that are on the shelves today, but the overall popularity of ceramic atomizers has dominated most of the market. 

What Is The Future Of Atomizer Technology?

Atomizers are here to stay. Since the inception of vaping, they have always been a major component. This isn't going away anytime soon. While different devices are starting to take over others, they still require atomizer technology in order to get the job done. 

As we approach a new epoch of vaporizer technology with multi-voltage disposable vaporizers, the technology that was once seen as a small, insignificant, and cheap technological innovation has become one of the most popular and major devices for the entire industry.

Now the focus is on how to deliver more effective ceramic technology as well as full ceramic technology. Having more porous ceramic coils means that flavor traps itself inside much more effectively. It also increases the endurance rate for ceramic. 

At this stage in the game, the entire industry will be eventually moving away from the standard 510 thread cartridge into more customizable disposable vapes. This allows oil manufacturers to deliver quality oils and concentrates with equally matched technology. 

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