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What is Cold Starting A Dab And How Do I Do It?

What is Cold Starting A Dab And How Do I Do It?

Cold starting a dab has become more popular throughout the years. While the use of concentrates and dabbing isn't nearly as traditional as the regular dry herb methods of the past, new products such as bangers, carb caps, and torches are giving way to more technical methods for getting the best that you can. 


What is "Cold Start Dabbing"?

While conventional dabbing requires you to heat your banger before loading it with concentrate, "Cold Start Dabbing" is the exact reverse of that. The trick is to load your concentrate first and then heat up the banger until it vaporizes. The conventional way takes up a longer amount of time in both heating up and the cool-down period and leaves the users somewhat "guessing" until it's time to take the hit. This can either leave your hit tasting burnt or not fully receiving the adequate amount of vapor in the first place.

Another thing to note is that the conventional method for dabbing requires an extremely high temperature. We are talking about some serious high temp heat. In the old days, we simply waited till the banger or nail was red hot and then waited 35-45 seconds for the cool-down. At that stage, you are absolutely destroying the terpene profile of your dabs. 


Why Do People Choose To Cold Start Their Dabs?

Vaping at a lower temperature allows the terpenes to activate more effectively. This gives you a larger flavor boost while also getting the most out of your dab. Back in the day, the terpenes weren't the biggest factor, which explained torching your banger until it was red hot, but in today's highly specific world, the thought of getting the most out of each hit is crucial to enjoying your experience. 

Cold start dabbing is the best way for beginners to learn while also giving them great benefits. 

What You Will Need In Order To Start Cold Start Dabbing

The basics for cold start dabbing are pretty much the same as regular dabbing. Below is a list of basics to get you started:

  • Small rig - preferably something with a percolator inside
  • Banger - preferably one with a flat top. It can be your choice of ceramic, titanium, or quartz.
  • Carb Cap - A carb cap will help contain the vapor within the banger. 
  • Torch - A Torch will heat up the banger and create the vaporization process. 
  • Q-Tips - Easy to clean the nail after use. 


Does Technology Remove The Need For Cold Start Dabbing?

The short answer is yes! While using a rig and torch are still really common methods, the industry is shifting towards electronic means. No longer will you need to use a butane torch and heat up your dab till it's red hot. Also, you no longer need to carry around butane tanks in your house. That can be dangerous. 

With innovation-based products like the iKrusher Vaporizer line, you no longer need to have any of those. While an entire setup can cost over $400 (if you want relatively good quality glass) iKrusher technology has developed an affordable, reliable, and non-butane-based method. 

The Alpha, for instance, primarily utilizes a "cold start" to begin with. It includes a number of methods for taking the right dab. From giving you 100% temperature control to utilizing our induction cups made with either titanium or ceramic, the iKrusher Alpha gives you the ability to use a cold dab if you are looking for the best and most optimal terpene profile. 

Another popular device that will soon hit the market is the Quest. This device was developed specifically for concentrates and allows multiple temperature controls. Not only that but it is more geared toward a more conventional way of the cold start method. 

All you have to do is simply drop your concentrate into the atomizer, slide the tactical door shut and turn up the heat! In no time, you will be able to hit the perfect terpene-enriched concentrate that you so desire! 

With iKrusher innovation, you no longer need to use expensive and breakable glassware. You also do not need to purchase an over $100 dollar electronic attachment to heat up your rig without butane. It all comes perfectly packaged together in order to give you the biggest and best hit. 

Our engineers have developed the next line in development and for those who wish to take the next step into the realm of concentrates, our products provide the best results at an affordable price.

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