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What Is Next For 510 Vape Pen Tech?

What Is Next For 510 Vape Pen Tech?

510 vape pen technology is constantly evolving. The introduction of innovative hardware has helped propel these simple vape pens to the next level. Since the introduction of the vape pen, there have been countless versions - each having a special trait that makes it stand out among a sea of products. 

At the same time, these innovations have created a vast array of competitor products that each have their own unique way of providing the most effective performance for end users. 

But with everything that 510 vape pens have accomplished, where do they go next? With so much competition, how does the 510 vape pen stay at the top of the totem pole? 

The answer is "Innovation"


510 Vape Pens And The Future Of Vape Pen Technology

The new standard for 510 technology is voltage control. By having adjustable voltage settings, the new way to vape can be more fine-tuned to a user's preferred experience. 


What Is The 510 Vap Pen Voltage Control?

Vape pens have had adjustable voltage settings for some time. In fact, that was one of the core principles that helped propel it to the top spot in the first place. By having three adjustable voltage settings, the standard 510-thread vape pen became synonymous with a custom vape experience. 

Now, we have the technology to go even further. 510 vape pens are quickly becoming popular with the implementation of even further voltage control. 


What Does This Mean?

A standard vape pen with three adjustable voltage settings will function at those specific voltage settings throughout your sessions. 

For example: If I set my vape pen voltage to 3.0 volts, it will run that same voltage level throughout the entire hit. This can cause issues with the quality of oil being vaped. If a user continues to hit the vape pen at that desired setting, the TEMPERATURE of the 510 thread cartridge will increase far past the desired level. 

With further voltage control, the user can set their variable voltage settings to taper off as the vape pen continues to be used. 

You can set your voltage setting at 3.0 but over a longer period, the voltage curve will go down in order to adequately vape the oils at the desired temperature. 

If a vape pen is set at 3.0 volts with the new voltage curve implemented, after a few seconds, the voltage level will drop, but the temperature will stay the same. 


Why Is The Important?

Oftentimes, a vape pen is set too high. This can cause issues both with cartridge and flavor issues. If the cartridge is constantly being hit at a high temperature, it can cause problems with the ceramic coil. It can crack, then leak and clog the entire vape pen. For 510 thread vapes, it can be an easy solution to fix, but for other devices, there isn't much for you. can do. Thus implementing the variable voltage curve into 510 thread technology is what will keep 510 vape pens on top.

On top of that, the flavor profile in the 510-thread battery will see major improvements. In order to receive the best CBD vape pen experience, users need to be able to lower the voltage levels. This provides the most optimal flavor performance and will set the stage for the next industry standard in vape pens. 


The History Of 510 Vape Pens

510 thread vape pens haven't always been the go-to for oil companies. When they first started out, they were egregiously underpowered, had low-quality materials, and could not actually perform the task of vaping CBD wax. They were developed for ejuice - which is much thinner in consistency. 

With the invention of extracts and "dabs," the industry was able to shift its focus to manufacturing vape cartridges that could handle the thicker consistency and increase the flavor profile. While the cotton wick was great for ejuice and was specifically modeled after larger box mods, the idea wasn't off the mark. But when implementing CBD oil into the equation, the thought of finding more suitable materials was the first step. 

Users would often complain about the cartridge burning out and leaving a nasty burnt aftertaste for the user. This was due to the cotton wick being unable to handle the high voltage levels required to vape CBD oil. 

The hunt for better components was on. In the end, it was ceramic that was settled on due to its porous nature which locked flavor inside for longer periods as well as the material could handle the higher voltage levels required. 


The 510 Vape Cartridge Sees Innovation

By implementing the ceramic coil into the 510 vape cartridge, the user could have more flexibility in how they vaped. Users could increase the voltage settings on the vape pens or decrease them depending on their preferred experience. 

The 510 vape cartridge became one of the most universal products in the industry. CBD oil manufacturers had a way to sell the most universal experience and creating a wide market helped to establish its foothold. 


How Will The 510 Vape Pen Stack Up To Other Devices?

While the 510 vape pen has remained king, it may not be that way for long. With new innovative vape tech on the horizon, the same variable voltage curve is now being implemented into disposable vape pens and vape pod systems. 


Disposable Vape Pens And The Voltage Curve

Disposable vape pens are quickly encroaching on the success of the 510 vape pen. It wasn't always this way - disposable vapes were thought to be cheap and ineffective. It wasn't until the 510 thread vape pen battery and cartridge started to implement more effective technology that the disposable vape pen had the chance to catch up. This was due to many issues coming from the lack of quality. From the tank leaking to the battery dying before the tank was finished, to burning the oil there were a lot of issues.

But not anymore. 

Disposable vape pens are quickly taking over due to their enhanced quality as well as their ease of use. 


Vape Pods Systems

Vape pod systems have had major success over the past few years. By essentially taking all the technology that made the 510 vape pen great, they were able to reverse the"universal" standard that 510 technology developed and implemented into a system that only allowed users to use their product. 

This showed wild success in the beginning. But now, vape pen batteries are gaining the same variable voltage curve as other devices! This is helping the industry continue to compete for the next big vape pen product. 

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