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What Are The Best 510 Cartridges For Delta-8? iKrusher

What Are The Best 510 Cartridges For Delta-8? iKrusher

The Best vape pens for Delta-8 CBD are from iKrusher. With our technology constantly evolving to produce the best vape pen experience, new and innovative CBD oils are putting our innovation to the test! 


What Make The Best 510 Cartridge For Delta-8?

While it may not seem like that much of a difference, Delta-8 has a much higher viscosity than other extracts. The standard 510 vape pen has gone through a number of innovative improvements which have brought us to the forefront of the industry. 

How have the innovations changed the way we look at vapes? Well, let's take a short look at the history. 

iKrusher has developed the best 510 cartridges for Delta-8 CBD. With the use of either pure ceramic coils or our patented "ikonic" ceramic coils - we have provided cape pen users with the best possible vape experience on the market. 


510 Batteries Shake The Game

Back in the day, it was common for people who used vape pens to have a number of issues. This was due to the poor quality of the original vape pen. When they first hit the market, they were actually simple disposable vapes. The vape battery and vape cartridges were one and the same. 

These were interesting - but would lay the groundwork for further development. At this stage, many users were reporting a bad burnt taste after only a few puffs and the battery would die out quickly. Now, why would this happen?

The answer is that disposable vapes weren't meant to handle CBD extract. The original components of these disposable vapes were meant to handle thinner juice. While they were cool and could show what could be done with the technology at the time - the real appeal was to the extract market. See vape pen cartridges came in a 1.0 or a 0.5 mL size. This was perfect for CBD extracts due to the size! 

But with the common issues that were happening to the standard disposable vape, innovation had to catch up. 


Separating Disposable Vapes Into 510 Thread Cartridge and 510 Thread Battery

In order for the world to utilize the benefits of CBD oil in a vape pen, the separation of the vape pen and cartridge allowed for innovation to evolve between the two. 

First, the 510 vape cartridge needed to replace with a few components. Instead of the cotton wick, the coil needed to be more durable. The cotton wick could not handle the overly powerful voltage required to heat it up consistently. This would cause the wick to burn out and leave a terrible taste. 

While there were a number of materials that could be sued, the overall opinion was ceramic provided the best vape pen experience for users. While glass and titanium were both solid options, they fell short. Titanium, while being the most resilient - was best used at extremely high voltage rates. This would allow users to have a massive big hit with a tasty puffy cloud, but wouldn't create the best taste. Glass on the other side, had a great taste, but couldn't keep up with the voltage ratio. The best middle ground was ceramic coils. This allowed CBD to be vaped at a wide range of temperatures from high to low. This would also provide a much better flavor profile than its other cousin materials. 

So the industry separated the disposable vape, but how were users going to put it together? The answer was already invented. 510 thread vape technology had been around for a long time already. This was due to typical box mods at the time using this to attach the vape tank to the vape battery. 


The Vape Pen Battery Get A Big Tech Upgrade

While the vape cartridge was the first to improve, very quickly the vape battery followed. The standard vape battery was extremely underpowered for Delta-8 CBD oil. This was due to the thinner consistency of what it was originally designed for.

Thus, the vape pen battery needed far more power to be extorted into the 510 vape pen cartridge. This had to be done without sacrificing the discrete nature of the vape pen battery. It was a great thing due to technology trying to shrink while offering more - and that was how vape pen batteries came about. 

By implementing more power, users could vape Delta-8 CBD for far longer periods without any issues. On top of that, the overall function of the Delta-8 CBD vape pen battery changed. Users could now have optional voltage settings. If they wanted to blast a fat cloud of Delta-8 CBD vape, then they could adjust their voltage temperature to a higher level, if they wanted a more flavorful hit, they could adjust it to the lower setting. If they wanted a nice middle ground, then they could set their vape to a middle setting.

 Now, vape pen batteries come in a wide selection of shapes and styles - all dedicated to giving you the best Delta-8 CBD experience. 


Delta 8 Vape Pens Get A Facelift

With so many extraction methods out in the world today, the results have vastly different outcomes. Wax, shatter, diamond and other variations have now hit the scene in order to give users the best vape experience. 

While they have changed a lot, so has the idea of developing vape pens to handle these different variables. 

The disposable vape pens have emerged as a direct contender for the slim 510 battery. By implementing the same technological breakthroughs that 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries have introduced, they have created the ability for users to purchase an all-in-one Delta-8 disposable vape. 

This innovation has led to who can make the best disposable vape


How Does The Vape Pod Come Into This?

The vape pod and vape pod battery have been in the middle of the Delta-8 CBD war. With the universal properties of the CBD vape cartridge and CBD disposable vape pens, the CBD vape pod and vape battery have a weird direction to take. 

The reason why so many people used these vape pods was due to the niche market that they could take. See, vape pods are unique to the fillers. Many of them would use the standard vape pod battery as a promotional piece. They would hand them out for free so you would only have one place to go to get the best CBD vape pen experience. While this is beneficial for returning customers, it limits how far the device can go. Pod systems are still one of the main ways for users to receive their CBD. 


Where Do Tabletop Vaporizers Stand?

Traditional vaporizers have implemented some of the most innovative vape technology in the industry. The entire goal was to give users the ability to vape much like their traditional dab rigs. While the older rigs utilized bangers, carb caps, tweezers, butane torches, and tools, the concept was extremely expensive to set up and used many unnecessary products. First of all, vaporizers have taken away the need for butane torches. This has improved the overall aspect of CBD vapes to be more appealing. 

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