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What Makes The Best CBD Vape Pen?

What Makes The Best CBD Vape Pen?

The best CBD vape pen has many features, but it won't let you know that. If you want to find out how to choose the best CBD vape pen for your brand, check out iKrusher vaporizer products!

CBD vape pens have come a long way since they were first introduced. Since they were able to wedge their foot in the door, they have made tremendous strides to maintain their position as one of the most recognizable devices for the industry. 


What Makes The Best CBD Vape Pen?

In order to create the best vape pen for your CBD customers, it needs to have a number of innovative components implemented. If your customers are walking to their local smoke shop and purchasing a disposable vape, 510 thread vape pen, or vape pod system, you want them to be reliable

That's just the start. While reliability is one of the most appealing functions, there is far more to consider. 

Let's take a look at the advanced components that go into the modern vape pen. 


The Vape Pen Battery

At the start, the vape pens of yesterday were terribly underpowered and could only handle thinner ejuice. It didn't require the same amount of energy to vape standard ejuice liquids as it does the thicker CBD oil.

While it worked okay-ish for ejuice users, the standard vape pen did not really take off until someone thought "heck, we can put extracted CBD oil in this thing".

At the start, the vape pen battery was small, and more than likely would last until the contents of the chamber were done, and then thrown away. This was also the first disposable vape pen to hit the market. 

But what happened when both the battery manufacturer and the tank manufacturer needed to improve the quality to handle thicker CBD oils? Well, then you break up the device so that each member could improve on it individually - this created the 510-thread battery and cartridge

Thus the industry shifted from disposable one-time-use devices to accessories that a user would hold on to. Consumers wanted something that fits their personality. Thus, the creation of new and exciting 510 thread batteries was developed to handle different extraction methods as well as provide the best experience for CBD users. 

The introduction of magnetic 510 adapters also allows for the 510-thread vape pen battery to develop unique styles and shapes. It was at this point that the 510 vape pen became the most universal accessory in a person's collection. 

The battery needed more power. While at the time the standard vape pen battery was only 180 mAh for disposable reasons, it left people unsatisfied due to the battery dying before everything was finished. It would also contribute to clogging. 

Thus creating a 510-thread vape pen that had rechargeable capabilities and a far larger vape battery was the obvious step. 

So the industry needed to make the batteries bigger and better, add a rechargeable port to the bottom and have a unique and custom design that fit the users. From there - where did the vape battery go? It had to give the user a more customizable experience. 

By adding variable voltage settings to the vape pen, users could switch their voltage settings between three pre-set voltage levels - each one tailored to a person's specific way of vaping. 

With a few simple clicks and you could adjust your voltage settings to the best vape pen performance. 


The 510 Cartridge - Best For CBD Oil

While the vape pen battery was undergoing a number of integral upgrades, so too was the 510 vape pen cartridge. 

In the beginning, the 510 cart was utilizing a cotton wick- which made sense. I mean, they were developed for ejuice, right? 

The problem was that when CBD oil was introduced, the cotton couldn't handle how thick the oil was. It would cause the cartridge to burn out well before all the CBD oil was fully consumed. 

When it came to finding the right materials for the future of 510 vaping, the hunt was on. The industry settled on ceramic coils after testing a number of different materials. Ceramic was chosen due to its porous nature which helped to keep the flavor profile of the newly emerging terpene craze and was able to vape at high temperatures while still maintaining the optimal flavor performance. 

Along with this technological implementation, the idea that this could be a "safer" way to inhale CBD started to move into the mainstream. From this point on, the combination of effective 510-thread battery technology and wellness-minded CBD enthusiasts collided. 


Vape Pods And Batteries

Vape pod systems are often seen as the competitive formula to 510 thread cartridges and vape pen batteries. While its predecessors were universal, vape pods and vape pod batteries were developed for a specific oil manufacturer to develop a reoccurring customer base. 

By the point of their development, vape pen technology had developed to make vape pod batteries an easy and cost-effective way to promote their oils. 

  • Step 1. Hand out the batteries for free as a cost-effective PR move. 
  • Step 2. Have customers purchase your oil. 
  • Step 3. They then keep the pen and come back for your specific pod. 

The word "specific" is key here: anyone can buy a 510 thread pen and use any cartridge with it. YOUR oils need YOUR battery to use. The selling factor here is the quality of your oils to keep them coming back. 

Vape pods have adopted virtually every aspect of 510 thread cartridge technology and have crafted it into a custom vape package for their brand. You would look to see the same quality components as you would a 510 thread vape pen, maybe without a few extra features like variable voltage or pre-heat function - but with technology today, it excels in performance. 


Disposable Vape Pens And The Rise Of Future Tech

Disposable vapes were the first to hit the scene. A small inhale activated battery would power a tank filled with ejuice and hit like a cigarette. Then as technology grew too fast for it to keep up, 510 thread batteries and cartridges took the top spot. With the innovative properties of the next generation of vape pen hardware, disposable vapes are nearly lost, but technology is changing and the industry is looking bright for disposables. 

By adopting all of the former innovative components to create an all-in-one disposable vape pen, the industry remade the old outdated vape into the future. Instead of purchasing a battery and cartridge or pod separately, you can purchase a fully loaded disposable vape pen. 

Disposable vape pen tech has improved upon its predecessors at such a rate that it looks to lead the industry as the next device to set a new standard in hardware design. 

By integrating larger tank capacities and power curve adjustments, the disposable vape pen is set to become the next standard in vaporizer evolution. 

By utilizing voltage control, the disposable vape pen can cut down on the voltage levels over time. While it may seem like the right idea to keep the voltage level at that set, it may increase the temperature of your concentrates far higher than it was originally intended for. That is why having the voltage curve helps to cut down on the overall battery output and places less stress on the coil for a cool, refreshing vapor hit full of terpene goodness.

Disposable vapes are the best vape pens for CBD oil due to new and exciting extraction methods hitting the industry. While other vape pens can only guess how they will perform with Delta 8 or Delta 9 CBD oil, we have settings for the perfect voltage curve for every concentrate.

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