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The Best 510 Vape Batteries: iKrusher S-Series

28 Nov 2023
The Best 510 Vape Batteries: iKrusher S-Series - iKrusher

iKrusher is proud to showcase our popular 510 thread batteries - the S-Series vape pens are a combination of discrete vaping combined with a powerful battery in order to provide customers with the best possible experience. 


510 Thread Vape Pens: The Industry Standard

the 510 thread vape battery and 510 thread cartridge are synonymous with modern vaping. While it was one of the first devices to hit the scene, it showcased what the technology of the time could do. Unfortunately, there were many innovations required to bring it up to the standard that is now. On the other side of the coin, those improvements have showcased its willingness to adapt and change to an ever-shifting market. 

At the time, vaporizer batteries were small, and could only handle a smaller-less powerful battery. This was due to the inherent nature of the device. See, when they were first invented, they were meant for e-juice products. It didn't take long until the engineers of our day decided that it could be used for thicker, more viscous oils. 

Batteries needed to produce more power while still holding a long-lasting battery life, as well as coil technology, had to improve so as to not burn out from the cotton wicks or high voltage settings. 


The iKrusher S2, and S3: Quality Performance

iKrusher has created the best vape line with our 510-thread batteries. The S1, S2, and S3 are the next stage in 510 thread vaporizer technology. 


The S2 Vape Battery: Upgraded Performance 

While the S1 vape battery laid the groundwork for innovative vaporizer technology, the S2 took that to the next stage.

The S2 took everything that was built into the S1 but added variable voltage controls in order to continue industry developments. At this stage in the game, vape cartridge technology had improved in order to adequately incorporate thicker oils, thus providing more options to consumers like variable voltage was a game-changer. 

With a few clicks of the button, you can move between a number of variable options from blue, and green, to red (for the hottest). This allows users to adjust to their specific preferences. 

This was developed in order to improve user experience alongside the development of 510 thread cartridges. 


The S3 Rechargeable 510 Thread Battery: The Future

The S3 510 battery takes things to the ultimate level. By providing a larger battery for longer-lasting sessions and extended variable voltage settings, this is also the first 510-thread battery to implement iKrusher's own OMNI technology. 

Now, users can adjust the different voltage curves to set their own preferences. On top of that, they can add or disable the pre-heat setting allowing their device to heat up the thicket oils. 

Add up all the innovative improvements and you have the next level in 510 thread vape pen hardware. 


How Are Vaporizer Cartridges Evolving?

While the vape battery has seen leaps in its technological evolution, this has paired well with the same technological leaps in vaporizer cartridge technology as well. 

At the start, they were cheaper, made of plastic, and had a cotton wick. As we had mentioned earlier in the article, this was primarily meant for ejuice and thinner oils. When dabs were first introduced, the amount of power needed to heat up the cotton wick was far more than the wick could handle - thus causing massive burnout ratings. 

It wasn't long before someone took the same dab rig technology and decided that these 510 thread cartridges needed a boost in order to support themselves within the industry. 

Ceramic coil technology was introduced due to its high heat ratios and durable quality. It also provided a more flavorful hit due to the porous nature of the material. These would be implemented into almost all 510 thread cartridges since its introduction. 

Secondly was the quality of the cartridge itself. While many are starting to move away from metals, others are moving toward totally unique and healthier components. 

The Karno is iKrusher's first all-ceramic 510 thread vaporizer cartridge. It comes in a number of options, from Pure ceramic to iKrusher's patented "iKonic" ceramic technology, there is no need for metals where there doesn't need to be. 


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