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The Future Of Full Ceramic Cartridges

28 Nov 2023
The Future Of Full Ceramic Cartridges - iKrusher

Full ceramic cartridges have become the focal point for cleaner and better-tasting hits. By making the shift away from a metal center post and utilizing non-metallic components, users receive the purest vape experience. 

There have been major strives in the cartridge industry. As one of the most prolific devices with users, the 510 thread cartridge was the first device to perform exclusively for vaping CBD. 

Since its inception, the cartridge has had major success and still remains a prominent staple in the industry. The device started our perception as to what we could do with compact vaporizer technology.

510 thread cartridges have remained on top of industry trends since they started, but this is because they have found a way to innovate themselves further with each new installment. They have gone from a breakthrough device to a classic device that still competes with today's current technological lineup.


Full Ceramic Cartridges: The Next Line of Innovation

While traditional cartridge technology utilized metal components, full ceramic technology removes these components and replaces them with a full ceramic center post. No metals touch the precious oils that are in your tank.  This also helps to prevent low-quality or even fake cartridges to keep up.


No More Burnt Flavor

One of the benefits of a ceramic cartridge has been to remove the burnt taste that often came with the overuse of a cotton wick. Instead, the cotton was replaced by ceramic coils that could withstand extreme heat and maintain their structural integrity over the course of several sessions. 

Consumers wanted to have a flavorful hit from start to finish. No more getting to the last run only to have a mouth full of burnt cotton. You can still take that last drag as if it was your first.  


A Full Ceramic Cartridge Takes That Further

The porous nature of ceramic provides for a more powerful cloud and improved flavor consistency. By removing the metal chute in the middle, you can now have another surface that holds the oil for vaporization. 

With technology advancing, we are finding ways to increase the porousness of the ceramic that we use. This means the divots located throughout the cartridge will be even deeper to lock in and hold the amazing flavor profiles. 


Taste The Terpenes

Terpenes are now an integral part of oils. With so many terpene profiles to enhance the overall experience, the ability to really taste the linalool, limonene, and myrcene among other famous flavors. The use of a full ceramic cartridge provides the best flavor production. 


Creating The New Industry Standard

The 510 cartridges and 510 batteries have consistently set the industry standard. From the inception of "what can we do" to "how can we keep doing better" the trajectory of 510 cartridges has always been one of innovation. 

Each time these cartridges become updated, the industry makes the same shift throughout their lines. From the introduction of a ceramic coil to creating an entire system utilizing only ceramic, the ability to innovate for a better experience and purer performance has been the destination for these devices. 


Encroaching Competition

While the cartridge has been a staple of quality over the past few years, innovative designs have led to more improved vaporizer hardware. While they might not overtake what has been established by the cartridge, more consumers are starting to move over to disposable vaporizers for their simplicity and rapidly improving performance. 

Still, many find the idea of purchasing a customizable 510 thread battery or mod to their liking. They provide more customizable features for a user to explore than that static "one size fits all" approach to mass-producing devices. 

This is changing, though, as disposable vapes are starting to adopt customizable technologies. 

Will the 510 cartridges stay on top with continuous innovations? How many functions can it have before it is adopted for more effective and simple hardware? 

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