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The S3 510 Thread Vape Pen Review

27 Nov 2023
The S3 510 Thread Vape Pen Review - iKrusher

510 thread vape pens have been one of the essential innovative features in the vaping industry. The innovation developed for these devices has been the foundational groundwork for the entire industry. 

But what is next for the 510-thread vape pen? Well, iKrusher has been the industry leader in developing the next stage in vape pen hardware. The S3 is the next stage in our advanced 510-thread vape pen line. 


The S3 510 Thread Vape Battery

The S3 is the culmination of our technological prowess and deep understanding of the industry. There are a number of big features that this small 510-thread vape pen battery has. 

  • 650 mAh battery
  • Extended battery life
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Stainless Steel Tube


650 mAh Vape Battery

The vape pen battery has always been the focal point for the whole industry. If the battery isn't powerful enough - or it's made with low-quality materials - then users will have a bad time. No CBD vape pen maker wants to find themselves out of customers due to poor vaporizer products. 

The iKrusher S3 vape pen is so powerful that you can take on the thickest oils without decreasing the overall vape pen performance. With a 650 mAh rechargeable vape pen battery you can rest assured that you can throw anything at this vape pen and it will work. It is a tank. 

Unfortunately, this was how the 510-thread vape battery started. When they first hit the market, they were low-powered and were designed to handle ejuice which has a thinner viscosity. A number of vape pen issues came from these low-quality components.

Through innovation, the 510 vape battery had to undergo a number of different enhancements in order to keep its space in the market. Vapes needed to be bigger and more powerful. Thus, vapes went from 180-210 mAh to 380-650 mAh for longer experiences. 

The larger power boost did nothing to take away from the overall battery size. In fact, technology continues to develop smaller components that not only improve the battery's performance but adds to the experience. 

The S3 510 thread vape battery provides the most power for your CBD oils. It provides more than enough power to heat the thickest oils such as Delta 8,9 and Delta 10 all the way to Live Resin, Rosin, and more! 


Variable Voltage Settings

One of the biggest reasons for propelling the standard 510-thread vape pen to the top was the implementation of variable voltage settings. 

With more powerful vapes, the inclusion of custom vape pens became popular. Providing vapes that are fully capable of handling any CBD oil also gives users the ability to make a custom vape pen experience for themselves. 

Variable voltage allows the users to adjust the temperature to their preferred experience. While some like higher voltages for larger fatter rips, others like a more mellow approach and will use either the mid-range or low-range voltage settings. 

The S3 vape pen battery is not only powerful but has all the means to provide the best possible custom vape pen experience for users. 

With a few simple clicks, you can adjust the S3 between a low, medium, and high voltage setting that will be able to handle all CBD oil. 


iKrusher 510 Cartridges Compatible With The S3 Vape Pen

Having a vape pen battery that can handle anything you throw at it is only half the battle. Having a high-quality and safe 510-thread CBD oil cartridge is the second part. iKrusher provides some of the most industry-leading and innovative 510-thread vape pen cartridges on the market. 

While the standard 510 thread vape pen went through major upgrades, so did the 510 thread cartridge. 


The Tux

The Tux is one of our most popular 510 thread cartridges. With our patented "iKonic" ceramic coil technology, the Tux and Tux Pro have become the go-to for CBD oil. 


Calibr and Calibr Pro

With wide holes for thicker oils, the Calibr and Calibr Pro are one of the best-selling 510 thread cartridges to hit the market. It's these upgrades and advancements in our technology that made us one of the first cartridge manufacturers to update for future extraction methods and different oil viscosities. 


The S3 Is The Latest In Vaporizer Hardware

As you have read, there have been tons of innovative improvements that have been made to 510 thread cartridges. Most of these have also been adopted by other vapes in order to improve their quality as well. 

The S3 continues to showcase the potential for 510-thread vape pen batteries and the versatility of their universal nature. While other vapes like disposables and vape pod systems have adopted this technology, it is always the 510-thread vape pen that develops the innovative vape pen technology in the first place. 

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