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Troubleshooting Your Vape

28 Nov 2023
Troubleshooting Your Vape - iKrusher

Troubleshooting your vape can be a tricky task. Since there are so many vaporizers that perform differently on the market, let's take a look at some of the most common vaporizers and help address some issues that you might be having. 

Most of these issues can be solved fairly quickly and can be easy to fix, others might require you to contact customer support, let's get you to where you want to be before you have to wait on the phone for 20 minutes. 


Vape Not Charging

This is a common one. Many will often screw their 510-thread charger or insert their USB cable only to find the pen might be blinking or not charging at all. 

Most times, this is the result of using faulty extra cables or charging blocks. We all have them lying around and for the most part, they all do the same thing right? Well, mostly. See, using it with your cellphone, video game controller and remote are all options. For vaporizers, it isn't. Most vaporizers have a cable that devotes a certain number of volts to the battery. on top of that, charging blocks have a vast array of output in terms of voltage. 

With super fast charging blocks, this is a big issue. Sure, it charges your phone quickly, but it also has a tendency to wear down your phone's battery life. Even more so with a much smaller battery that has been left on the charger for a significant amount of time. 

Having used one of these can shorten the entire system, and the end result would be to lose everything you just purchased if you don't take care of it. 


Vaporizer Not Hitting Correctly

This is the most common problem. Many people will find that the pen they were using was hitting the cartridge totally fine, unfortunately like all small things, they can be lost. Once its gone you need a new one. 

Fortunately, smoke shop retail stores are everywhere. A cheap pen can cost you up to $15 and you'll be in and out fast. Unfortunately, the pen might not have been the same one you were using. You may find that it does not draw the same or has a hard time hitting. 

Different companies produce different vaporizers. Even if the pen has an adjustable voltage setting, no different brands are the same. The same voltage setting for one brand on the "low" setting can be vastly different from the one you just purchased. Keep that in mind. 


Unclogging A Vape Cartridge

This is far easier to do with a cartridge over a disposable. Luckily, on the disposable side, there are recharging capabilities as well as fully adjustable voltage curve technology. 

Many pens have what is known as a "pre-heat" function. If a person is finding it harder and harder to hit their pen (as if something is clogged) then they can click the button on their pen 2 times and it will start the pre-heat function. 

This will break up any coagulated debris that is sitting in the air vents of the cartridge. 

Another trick (if your pen doesn't have pre-heat) is to take a lighter, hold it at a distance from the threads of the cartridge (where the airflow comes from), and break it up that way. 


Why Are Disposable Vapes Moving In This Direction?

This typically means that there is a short circuit somewhere. While it sounds really bad, this problem can be fixed pretty easily. 

Oil is a sticky liquid that can best resemble honey. As a liquid, it can still seep through air vents and cracks. Sometimes is can leak through to the bottom of your cartridge. This is where the connected heating element connects to the pen and allows it to draw. If something is in the way, then it can cause that "connection problem" that your pen is telling you to resolve. 

How to fix this: Most times a swap of rubbing alcohol around the base of the cartridge and the top of the pen is all it really needs. You may even find some sticking to the heating element when you take the cartridge off of your pen.  A simple swap of ISO will take care of the problem in no time. 

Vaporizer Care Matters

While these things aren't the most expensive and hard-hitting technological achievements for the industry, they still dominate a wide margin of the market. 20% has now gone to disposable vaporizers and cartridges. 

While they continue to advance, the simple issues of vaporizer care still need to be maintained by the user. Don't worry, it's not like your car motor and it doesn't take an engineer to fix (although many of us can if the need requires it). 

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