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Vape Cartridge or Vape Pod: Which Is Best For You?

27 Nov 2023
Vape Cartridge or Vape Pod: Which Is Best For You? - iKrusher

The vape cartridge and vape pod are in intense competition with each other. While both have been innovated into the next generation, what will benefit your CBD oil brand and provide the best vape pen experience?


The Vape Cartridge

The 510 thread cartridge has come a long way since it was first introduced. With so many innovations inside the small device, it has laid the groundwork for all other vape pen devices out in the market. 

The vape cartridge is the universal component of the CBD vape pen industry. With a 510 thread connecting the cartridge to the 510 vape pen, you can easily switch between different 510 cartridges and have the best experience. 

A vape cartridge pen provides some of the best flavor and performance. 

All of the current technological advancements in the vape pen industry started with the 510-thread cartridge and 510-thread battery. 

Small vape pens were introduced to the market to counter the large and bulky box mods. By utilizing the same components, but having an overall smaller device - the vape pen first hit the scene for standard ejuice. Now ejuice is relatively thinner than CBD oil - which meant that the original cotton wick needed to be changed for a more durable component. The cotton wick would burn out and leave a terrible burnt taste in the user's mouth - thus finding the right balance between being able to vape at higher voltages and providing the best flavor profile became the focal point. 

At last, ceramic was found to be the standard in 510 thread cartridges. The porous nature of ceramic coils meant that the vape cartridge would be able to handle higher temperatures and provide the most optimal flavor profile. 


The 510 Vape Pen Battery

The 510 vape pen battery also went through its fair share of innovation. When ceramic cartridges first hit the shelves, replacing cotton cartridges, vape pen battery manufacturers wanted to give users a custom vape pen experience. Different styles and shapes started to hit the stores - each one a personal accessory that matched who they were. That wasn't the only thing that was custom - the ability to adjust the voltage levels of the 510 battery meant that users could find a more personal way to vape their CBD oil. 

Adding variable voltage settings allowed for the 510-thread battery to continue its meteoric rise. With rechargeable capabilities, a larger and longer battery life, and variable voltage settings, the 510-thread vape pen battery became the most universal component in the vape pen industry. 

The 510-thread vape pen is one of the easiest and most accessible vape pens on the market. Nearly every corner store, smoke shop, and dispensary throughout the United States has some variation of the 510-thread vape pen.

This is why so many CBD oil manufacturers utilize 510-thread vape pens for their oils. It's one of the easiest ways for their customers to get their products. A 510-thread battery is typically a stones-throw away from your nearest dispensary. 


The Vape Pod

The vape pod was developed to counter the "universal" nature of 510 thread technology. Instead, if a user liked the specific CBD oil that a brand would manufacture, they could continue to keep coming back for their pods - granted they have the proprietary vape pen battery to go along with it. 

They were developed with "proprietary" reasons in mind. Like Apple, they wanted their vape pods to fit inside their own specific vape pod battery. This would keep customers coming back.

Now, the vape pod utilizes almost every component of the 510-thread vape cartridge. By utilizing a porous ceramic coil and high-grade components, CBD oil users can get the same exceptional hit every time without any issues. 

Vape pods and vape pod batteries - while not nearly the universal standard that other vape pens developed, come in extremely handy for oil manufacturers. hand out the battery for free or for promotional materials, then users will seek out your product.


The Vape Pod Battery

See, the vape pod system came out after all of the high-tech innovations came out for the 510-thread vape pen. By the time the vape pod system hit the market, the vape pen battery was cheaper to make and could handle just about any oil. So a low-cost promotional product was now available for producers to throw them out as promotional material. 

If the user received a free vape pen, they are more likely to start searching for your pods. If everything works right with no issues, then there is no reason why you didn't just secure a returning customer for your CBD oil. 

The vape pod battery is a simpler version of the 510 battery pen. While it does not have the same variable voltage controls as the 510 battery for carts, it does provide more than enough power on a single charge to handle the thicket oils. 


The Vape Cartridge or Vape Pod: Which Is The Best Vape?

To tell you the truth, both of these devices are perfect for their reasons. While some want to cash in on the sea of 510 vape cartridges and oils, others have found that having a proprietary device has helped to maintain a returning customer base. 

The downsides of either device are pretty simple to see. If you want to go the 510-thread cartridge route, you would potentially get lost in a sea of every other product. If you choose to go with the 510 vape cartridges your oils need to be a cut above the rest. 

Similar to the vape pod, if everyone is handing out free vape batteries that only work with one specific pod, then you risk being just another vape battery that gets used once with limited releases of your vape pods in select stores. 

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