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What Is The iKrusher Noble Disposable Vape?

27 Nov 2023
What Is The iKrusher Noble Disposable Vape? - iKrusher

The Noble is the next stage in the evolution of disposable vape pens. With a dual tank and individual heating coils, you can rock two different concentrates in the same device!

Let's take a look at the features and performance of the Noble.


The iKrusher Noble: Dual Tank Design

The industry has seen tons of innovation. From the early days when disposable vape still had a cotton wick to all-ceramic vape pens, every innovative feature propelled the devices well into the future.  

From implementing rechargeable vape pen batteries and temperature settings to ceramic materials, the idea of innovating what vape pens are all about! 

Vape pen tanks have always seen ways for improvement. From the original concept of replacing the cotton wick with ceramic, the idea of developing the vape pen tank. 

The initial components for a disposable vape pen tank come from the ceramic coil, metal (or ceramic) center post, and mouthpiece. 

Larger disposable vape tank size has been a factor that has been looked into for some time now. Fortunately, the Noble is one of the first dual-tank designs on the market. While regular ejuice vape pens have had this feature available, the CBD vape pen has had to take a bit longer to catch up. This is due to the thicker consistencies of CBD wax. 

Recharging the Noble vape pen battery is fast and easy. Simply plug the Micro-USB port into the bottom of the device. Then plug the USB port into a charging block and wait for up to 1 hour for a full charge. From there, you can vape all day with the Noble without any issues. 

The coils provide the most optimal flavor experience and cloud performance. Upon inhalation, you will immediately receive the nice flavorful clouds of CBD oil and taste every terpene. 

Now, with vape tank cartridge technology improving, we can now have a dual-tank design. The dual tank design allows the user to place their CBD oil on one side and a different strain of CBD oil on the other. 

Each tank is a 1.0 mL dual tank with dual airflow for each compartment. The tank can handle virtually any type of oil that you want to put in it. 

The tank also contained our patented anti-leak technology which prevents the coils from clogging.


The Noble 300 mAh Vape Pen Battery

The Noble vape battery is an upgraded function from previous vape pen designs. With a micro-USB rechargeable battery, the ability to continuously vape your concentrates is only limited by how often you are around a charging port (very likely). On a full charge, the Noble can handle thick concentrates and multiple extracts without running out of power. 

Vape pen batteries have had a long way in innovation. When they first hit the market, they didn't have enough power or charge to handle thick CBD wax. In fact, they were designed for ejuice. The thinner ejuice made sense for the components of the time, but it didn't take long until someone said "hey, we can put CBD oil in here."

From changing the vape pen battery power levels from a shrimpy 180 mAh to a 300 mAh battery, the amount of power is more than enough to vape your concentrates at the most effective performance. 


Discrete Performance

While it may seem like the device is larger due to the dual-tank design of the Noble, it still remains to be small and discrete. You can easily store it in your pocket, or backpack for safekeeping. 


Why Is The iKrusher Noble Innovative?

Our innovative technology has developed into one of the most future-thinking vape pen manufacturers in the industry. With new and improving performance every year, iKrusher strives to continue this excellence by emphasizing the full performance of our vaporizers. 

iKrusher specializes in developing the future of vape pen technology. Since our inception, we have strived to innovate our vape pen battery performance and continue to do so to this day. 

Our vape pens come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that also contribute to their performance. 

By implementing a dual chamber for oils, CBD oil manufacturers can combine their oils for the perfect blend of experiences. This is known as the "Entourage Effect".


What Is The Entourage Effect?

The Entourage effect is when different components in the CBD oil work together for a more optimal effect. The human body has thousands of receptors and different terpenes and CBD oils can have different effects when used together. Most of the time these effects will work together for a better and more enhanced vape pen performance. 

By providing two separate chambers in the Noble, users can now take a hit from one side of their desired CBD and then take another hit from the other side in order to enhance their experience.

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