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Will Disposable Vapes Reach The Top In 2023?

27 Nov 2023
Will Disposable Vapes Reach The Top In 2023? - iKrusher

Disposable vapes are one of the fastest-growing vape pen devices on the market. With so many innovative designs, it is no wonder that they are growing so rapidly among users. 

It wasn't always this way, the disposable vape pen has undergone massive amounts of technological innovations in order to bring it to the forefront. 


What Are Disposable Vape Pens Doing Different For 2023? 

Disposable vape manufacturers have been tirelessly working and solving issues that have plagued the industry since its inception. Leaking tanks, coils burnt flavor batteries dying charging issues - all are issues that have been in the rotation of the vape pen since it first hit the shelves. In many cases, these problems have been solved with improved technology and vape pen hardware. 

Improving the tank was a big step. Leaking issues are a constant thorn in the vape pen industry's side. With thicker concentrates and higher voltage temperatures heating up the hard-cased plastic surrounding the device, the issues that could come from either the coil leaking or the tank itself not holding together properly have been a major deterrence for many consumers. The negative reputation the disposable vape pens received at the start almost killed the industry in its entirety.

Today, the technological improvements made for disposable vape pens have been adopted from other devices. Ceramic coils have been the major industry standard that not only allows for higher voltage hits but also far more enjoyable flavor profiles.  

On top of that, anti-leaking materials that surround that tank have been added as an industry standard. This has helped to boost the overall performance. With ceramic coil technology replacing traditional cotton wick systems the idea of no longer burning the cotton or having a nasty burnt flavor has been beneficial to the integrity of the disposable vape pen. 

All of these innovations have helped the disposable catch up to its rival devices. The cool thing is that they haven't stopped finding ways to improve the vape pens' performance. 

By adding rechargeable ports to disposables vapes, users no longer need to worry that their vape pen will last the entire duration of their session. Now, a simple recharge will help users finish everything in the tank. 

Now, all of these have been major and important in the history of vaporizers, but the next stage is what is really going to define disposable vape pens as the next top dog within the vape pen industry. 


The Disposable Vape Pen Power Curve

Most of the advanced vape pen hardware that was implemented into the disposable vape pen was actually developed for 510 thread vape batteries and vape pod systems. It was when disposable vapes adopted that same technology that they held an edge over the reigning competitors. 

With the adjustable power curve, your vape pen will function at the most optimal performance. 


How Does This Work?

While it may seem to get bogged down in the scientific mumbo-jumbo - the simple answer to why the adjustable power curve is important is due to the fact that it can now control how much power is being pushed through the device. 

Standard vape pens and 510 thread batteries typically come standard with variable voltage options. A user can set these voltage levels to their preferred setting for the best experience. 

If the standard vape pen is set to 3.0 volts, then every time the user inhales or pushes the button, that vape pen battery will heat up to 3.0 volts for the duration of the hit. 

This can cause issues with overall vape pen performance. As sitting at 3.0 volts may heat up the oils to the right temperature at first, consecutive hits or even consistently holding down the button or long inhales will drastically increase the vape pen temperature levels far past what they were originally intended for. 

By creating a power curve that tapers off over an 8-second time interval, the flavor of your oils is more pronounced and doesn't wear off over time. This creates the best experience for end-users.


The OMNI Smart System And iKrusher TC Serie

The OMNI Smart System is the next stage in disposable vape pen hardware. By developing a smart hub, oil manufacturers can now set their pre-filled disposable vape to the exact power curve that they want. While different oils have fluctuating consistencies and terpene profiles, it's easy to have one setting that works for everything right? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Some voltage levels need to be lower to adequately vaporize certain oils, while on the other side, some oils need to be vaped at higher temperatures. The OMNI Smart system has every major oil type pre-set in the app. You can easily select from Live Rosin, Live Resin, Resin, Rosin, Delta 8, 9, and 10 CBD, and much more! 

This is the first-ever power curve adjuster for the vape pen industry and it provides a revolutionary new approach to vaporizer hardware. 


The Nord TC

The Nord TC takes everything that made the original Nord so profound and popular. By implementing the power curve technology, you now have one of the most optimized disposable vape pen batteries on the market. 


The Uzo TC

We took our smallest disposable vape and wanted to pack it chock-0ful of innovative vape pen tech. Without sacrificing the discrete size of the device, we have been able to introduce the OMNI smart technology to provide the best flavor experience.


Tik Pro Mini

The Tik Pro was one of our most popular devices. It didn't take long until we found a way to improve the quality by going smaller. a 0.5 mL tank does not require a massive battery, but it DOES require an optimized battery. By adding the OMNI smart technology to the Tik Pro Mini, we have been able to make the device much smaller but increase the overall performance of the device. 

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