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Why Does My Vape Cartridge Leak?

A leaky vape cartridge can be downright irritating and be the cause of an unnecessary inconvenience. However, if you regularly vape CBD oil or e-liquids, it is likely that this has happened to you at least once. We know that there is nothing more frustrating (and annoying) than being on the go when your vape cartridge [...]

An Important Message About iKrusher Vape Products

Since 2016, iKrusher has remained committed to consistent product quality, customer safety, and innovation in the vape technology industry. As iKrusher manufactures vape hardware, we want to reassure our clients and customers that all iKrusher products adhere to RoHS, ISO, CE, and GMP guidelines. Test results for all of our products as well as a [...]

Vape Atomizer Technology and The Next Generation Tech

vertical ceramic coil
❖ Contemporary Vaping Technologies Setting a comfortable temperature still remains a vital part of the next generation vaporizers. Since the rise of vaping technologies, the game has moved on from adjusting temperatures to concentrating on compatible, high-quality devices that have built-in ovens and most importantly; easy to use. Today, you can get your hands on [...]