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As the global leader in custom vaporizer technology, our team at iKrusher will work with you to identify the perfect complementary hardware for your oils. iKrusher currently offers customization options for our entire product catalog. With having supported over 900+ brands, our industry-recognized creative team specializes in designing; custom vaporizer hardware, custom vaporizer devices, custom vaporizer power supplies, custom vaporizer pods, and custom vaporizer cartridges. If you’re looking to create your own device, unique to your brand, our team of engineers and designers can support you through the entire process from design to fulfillment. Customization options are available for wholesale orders only, restrictions may apply based on the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Bulk pricing is available upon request. To learn more on creating a custom vaporizer device, custom vaporizer battery battery, custom vaporizer hardware, custom vaporizer cartridge, or custom vaporizer pod system, please contact us or view our Custom Order Process page to learn more.

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