2020 Dab Products (Wax Vaporizers, Tools)

  • Ares Dab Pen

    iKrusher brings its award-winning hardware to new levels with the Ares dab pen

    The iKrusher Ares is engineered to handle live resin, rosin and wax, a modern, mobile concentrates-device built with superior technology. Choose the highest quality dab pen for the highest quality concentrates, and you will be elevated.

    Your ARES includes

    • (3) Atomizers ready to handle any level of viscosity and extract types
    • (1) Dual Halo with Quartz Dish
    • (1) Ceramic Heating Rod with Quartz Dish
    • (1) Dual Quartz Heating Rod with Quartz Dish


    Ares Dab Pen

  • Dab Knife

    Introducing, the 2020 iKrusher Dab Knife. (charging cable + 6 attachments included)

    The iKrusher Dab Knife is designed for dabbing all wax-concentrate products. We engineered it to handle the stickiest, thickest extracts, while doubling as a heated loading tool. With a dedicated smart heat source the Dab Knife is engineered and calibrated to provide minimal heating time to ensure perfect cutting temperatures at the touch of a button.


    Dab Knife


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