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VFire Vape Pen

Long-Lasting Performance, Superior Technology

The VFIRE is packed with power, making it one of the most popular devices in the industry. Featuring pods in both half gram and full gram options with a full range of customizations. The VFIRE is a perfect device for brand development and expansion from 510 threads into pod systems with limitless branding possibilities. The VFIRE has been engineered to handle a full spectrum of oil viscosities and thicknesses while producing strong flavor profiles and milky clouds.

Our products go through heavy metal/toxins testing performed by certified testing labs, our integrity testing also assures our carts have low threshold for leakage. Never will our products rust, or endure other types of corrosive damage. The VFire is button activated, which will allow you to preheat your cartridge so you can vape thicker viscosity oils. The 500 mAh battery heats the VFire quickly, and has a vertical rod with an iKonic ceramic coil, which will give you a satisfying and extended vaping experience.