Vape Pen Troubleshooting - Tips ~ Help


Product Questions

  • Battery Power and Charging

    • How do I turn on my battery?
    Click 5 times to turn on and off.
    • My device is blinking 3 times and won’t work, why?
    This indicates a “Short Circuit” within the device (One cause could be moisture inside). The LED light blinks 3 times in red and the device vibrates 3 times to shut down, at the time when the pod was detected with short-circuit. The device is malfunctioning.
    • My device is blinking 5 times and intermittently works sometimes, why?
    This indicates “Over-time inhalation protection”. The LED light blinks 5 times and the device vibrates twice to shut down after continuous inhalation for over 8 seconds. Try not to inhale for so long or so frequently. This prevents burning of your oil. It will recover and continue working after 10 minute pause, and restarting.
    • Which vape pens are rechargeable?
    All of our batteries and disposables have either a micro-USB charger, or a Type C charger, except the Tik.
    • Will my vape work if I use a different battery?
    While 510 cartridges and batteries are made to universal specs, we recommend using iKrusher cartridges with iKrusher batteries for the best results with your product.
    • My device isn’t producing as much vapor, why?
    This indicates 1) the cartridge/pod is getting close to running out of oil, please replace a new and filled pod/cartridge immediately to prevent dry burning; or, 2) the battery is almost out of power, simply pause using it to recharge it.
  • Carts and Pods

    • Which battery are my pods / carts compatible with?
    Each product is built differently, its best to use the product as it was designed. Which means that pods can only go with matching batteries. The only scenarios you will find cross compatibility in our pod systems is using the Xen pods in the the Astro. Otherwise, if you want cross compatibility, all of our 510 battery sticks are compatible with 510 cartridges. Perhaps, try the S2 battery, or Tux 510 cartridges.
    • How many times can I refill your hardware?
    We design our carts and pods as intended for one time use, attempting to refill may cause leaking, refilling can damage your device by burning of the ceramic. The issues caused by refilling will compromise the flavor of your oils.
    • How should I store your product when I’m not using it?
    We recommend removing the pod and cartridge from the battery when it’s not being used for safety concerns, and place the product in a dry and cool environment.  Please do not store your product or recharge it in a vehicle during high temperature days. Note that the battery life will gradually run low after a long rest due to technical self-discharge, we suggest to recharge the battery before you’re ready to use it again. Recharging before re-use helps regain the best functionality.
    • Are your 510 carts, screw on or press on?
    All of our glass cartridges are screw on and our plastic pods and cartridges are press on. So, that means the screw on carts are the Calibr Pro and the JC 105 cartridges.
    • How do I fill my carts or pods?
    To fill use a 12g or 14g blunt nose needle to syringe your fluid, or concentrate. Place the end of the needle into the bottom of the cartridge or pod. Avoid the middle chimney. Fill your cart slowly assuring no air bubbles occur in the tank.
    • Can I use e-liquid?
    We don’t advise it. The viscosity of the e-liquid can cause leaky carts and pods. If you do try it, keep a napkin handy.
    • How do I order with oil?
    We are strictly a vape hardware manufacturer, we don’t sell oil. We also don’t sell our vapes pre-filled with oil.


Shipping Questions

    • What are shipping times?
    UPS, DHL, TNT, and FedEx, have daily services to all major cities around the US, delivery time is usually 1-3 business days. Depending on where you are located , we will ship from nearest office location. Read more on our shipping & delivery page.
    • Can I go directly to corporate office in Arcadia, CA to buy or pick up order?
    Yes, we welcome walk-ins. However we require you call first, have an account, and schedule the pick-up with our team / your Rep: (626)256-3449
    • Where is my order shipped from?
    All orders are shipped from our central warehouse located in California’s Greater LA Area.
    • What do I do If my parcel is lost?
    We always use signature confirmation upon delivery to prevent lost or stolen packages. If a package is not delivered, please call your local office of the shipping company for immediate assistance before contacting our customer support to claim a package loss. Please note: damaged or missing merchandise must be reported to us within 48 hours of the date of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the claim being denied by the shipping company and/or exclusion from our return/exchange policy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our policies.


Billing Questions

    • What is your return, exchange or refund policy?
    If you purchased an iKrusher product at a retail outlet, then we would refer you back to your place of purchase. If you purchased from iKrusher directly, we would redirect you to your rep whom you purchased from, or read our return policy here.
    • How can I contact Customer Care directly via telephone?
    Please call our Customer Care team, M-F  9 am – 6 pm PST at (626)256-3449

Sales Questions

    • I need pricing for wholesale order quantities?
    You’ll get the best pricing possible with a client account rep, or sales rep. Contact us, and lets talk or just Call Now: (626)256-3449. Otherwise, use the website store and receive free delivery for any order over $300.00.

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