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Sized to a standard lighter

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TIK Disposables

Compact Pod Style Disposable

iKrusher brings you everything you could ever ask for in a disposable pod system, with the TIK. This pint-size powerhouse, being the same size as a lighter, is easy to bring with you anywhere! It’s 350 mAh battery will provide for a consistent and delightful experience with each hit. Your time is important, and you should be able to vape on the go without worrying about waiting to charge a battery. For a portable and luxurious experience you can always depend on, look no further than the TIK by iKrusher.

Our products go through heavy metal/toxins testing performed by certified testing labs, our integrity testing also assures our carts have low threshold for leakage. Never will our products rust, or endure other types of corrosive damage. Tik pod system is a palm held oil vape, it is a small and discrete device that has multi-vertical entrance holes. The extra holes, that sit below the mouthpiece, allow air flow to move your oil to the coil. This natural airflow design, gives the tiny Tik an unbeatable and unique vape experience. Using the iKonic’s ceramic heating element embedded in the core of the Tik, makes it a sustainable disposable device that can handle higher viscosity oils.