OEM/ODM Solutions

As a leading one-stop vape solution provider, iKrusher has developed track records of OEM & ODM vape projects with clients and partners. Its unique process-driven and customer-centric approach ranges from product planning, design verification, product verification and new product introduction (NPI) to mass production. Depending on the originality and complexity of the product design and commercialization, iKrusher ODM lifecycle is about six months, while OEM projects can be anytime between one and three months.

This one-stop approach differentiates iKrusher from others:

Customized vaping hardware request received – Concept feasibility evaluation – Engineering – Prototyping – Tooling – Trial production – Mass prooduction – Delivery

What are the advantages of seeking an OEM/ODM partner like iKrusher?

  • iKrusher has the customized design and manufacturing capacity from cartridges, pod systems, and disposables to batteries.
  • Since iKrusher enables an integrated OEM & ODM lifecycle of the product concept, material sourcing, testing, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and mass production, clients can benefit from the end-to-end cost-efficiency and quality assurance.
  • Backed by an industry-leading manufacturer with the monthly output of 10 million units, iKrusher sets itself apart in the industry with cost advantages and high-level quality control procedure.
  • The R&D center continuously provides cutting-edge vaping technology in the atomizer, leak prevention, and material research.
  • Full sales support comprises responsive and personalized product proposals, concept evaluation, project management, and after-sales support.

OEM/ODM Order Process:

I. Once we discuss your OEM/ODM vision with one of our sales representatives, he or she will verify that all your needs and requests will be achieved.

II. Our expert sales team is prepared to walk you through the process of creating your perfect image. From deliberating product specifications to modifications and custom packaging, iKrusher will assist you every step of the way.

III. An estimate/quote will be sent to you as soon as possible after discussing your vision with our dedicated sales representative.

IV. Once all details are confirmed, your sales representative will discuss the final timeline to make your product vision come to fruition.

V. When the artwork and labeling is received, premium samples will be produced and delivered for verification of the satisfactory end product.

VI. Once all samples have been approved, iKrusher, Inc. will begin the production phase and you will see the final product as soon as possible.

White Label Collections