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The OMNI is a new addition to iKrusher which allows our customers to optimize their vaporizer performance and experience. The OMNI acts as a smart device that allows the user to achieve dynamic temperature control (TC) for their entire vaporizer line. If you are looking for a more flavorful hit, or a high temp for thicker concentrates, you can adjust virtually every aspect of the vaporizer performance to fit your needs! On top of that, through using the app, you can set multiple customizable settings and share vaporizer data across the OMNI platform.

Temperature Curve
Temperature Control
Preset Options


OMNI App is a software that allows users to adjust/create an 8-second temperature curve and also manage other functions like preheat.


The OMNI smart device allows the user to connect their device to the central OMNI app. Adjust your devices variables for an optimal performance.

iKrusher Products

Only iKrusher's Temperature Control (TC) series devices can accept and employ the dynamic temperature curve through OMNI smart device.

NO-Burn Technology

Having one pre-set temperature doesn't work for everyone. That is why we allow you to have a fully customizable vaporizing experience for your specific concentrates. From live resin to 100% rosin, our OMNI App allows you to customize your vaporizer settings to find the perfect sweet spot for your concentrates.




Downloading the app is fast and easy. You can find the OMNI app in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The OMNI app allows you to adjust virtually every aspect of your vaporizer to meet the standards that you need. Download the app, make your adjustments and connect your devices in this streamlined, simple experience.

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