Flower + Concentrate

The Alpha is the closest experience to a butane-powered dab rig. It is faster, smarter, and with more control. Vaporization temperature is achieved in 5 seconds and kept consistent for the duration of your session. Inhale as fast or as slow as you would like without overpowering the heater. View all important information regarding your session conveniently on the Alpha’s display. An E-rig should not come with compromises.

Way You Should Go

Dry HerbConcentrates



Versatility is an important factor when it comes to our design. Whether your choice of consumption is Dry Herb or Concentrates the ALPHA is ready.

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Speed is convenience. No need to set the timer with your torch. Don’t have to wait 20-40 seconds as most E-rigs. We did it in 5 seconds.

Power of the Alpha is what sets it apart from the rest. Capable of vaporizing larger volumes material per session. Powered by a reliable 6000 mAh battery the Alpha can go for 30+ sessions per charge.

All-in-one Tank

+ Ti Cup
+ Ceramic Cup
+ Glass Carb Cap and Tether

Power In Your Hands

+ Rubberized grip
+ 30+ session per charge
+ Fast Charging

Interchangeable Glass

+ Removable glass water filter
+ Illuminating LED notifications
+ Rounded flow for durability

Simple User Interface

+ Customizable settings
+ Session Duration/Target Temperature
+ Multiple session modes

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By iKrusher

The Alpha is iKrusher’s latest advancement in vaporizer technology capable of handling both Flower and Concentrates. Utilizing induction heating technology allows for lightning-fast heat up times, precise temperature control, and consistent surface temperatures. The user-friendly UI gives full control to dial-in the perfect session. Combined with a unique glass water filter and fast-charging USB-C technology, the Alpha is the ultimate vaping experience for beginners and experts alike.

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Are you better than yesterday? Have your surroundings improved? Is the car that you drive more powerful, faster, and versatile than your parent’s? Why isn’t your vaporizer? Whether you are into Dry-Herb or Concentrates the ALPHA offers a high-performance experience with its versatility, speed, & power.