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Powerful rechargeable battery with adjustable voltage

The S2 variable voltage 510 thread battery by iKrusher is our smallest and most discreet cartridge battery to date.  Its small profile makes it easy to pocket, all while packing in 320mAh of battery life. The variable voltage control dial located on the bottom of this battery will give you the freedom to customize your vaping experience and can output more power than some of our larger pen styles even.  If you’re looking for a small device and powerful performance from your 510 thread battery then look no further, it’s the S2 from iKrusher.

*Cartridges sold separately. 

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Type: 510 Thread Battery
Dimension: 11.2 * 98.5mm
Battery Capacity: 320mAh
Activation: Button-Activated
Voltage: 3.3V – 4.8V
Battery Material: Stainless Steel


Turning your device ON/OFF

  • Press the activation button on your device five (5) times to activate the device

Using your device

  • Press and hold the activation button during inhalation, release the button once you are done inhaling.

Changing your devices heat settings

  • Tap the activation button three (3) times in a row
  • The majority of our devices have three (3) heat settings, to toggle between settings tap the activation button three (3) times

Charging your device

  • iKrusher devices come with either a USB-C or Micro-USB Charge port, the charging slot for our devices is located at the bottom of the device.
  • Plug the designated end into your device and the secondary end safely into a charge block/wall socket.
    • iKrusher charges are designed to work specifically for our devices, we do not recommend using third party chargers to charge your iKrusher device.
    • Charge Time Varies: 0.30 minutes – 2.0 hours

Pod and Cartridge Filling Instructions

  • Use a blunt nose syringe to pull your oil into the syringe
  • Place the blunt nose syringe tip to the bottom of the pod or cartridge in either the right or left filling openings
  • Inject your oil slowly until the pod or cartridge is full
    • We recommend leaving a very small amount of space, if your oil is pre-measured out in either 0.5mL (Half-Gram) or 1.0mL (Full-Gram), please disregard this note
  • Depending on your pod or cartridge, either screw on the mouthpiece or push the mouthpiece down until it has snapped into place
    • iKrusher’s proprietary pod and cartridge systems are engineered to provide the lowest leak/failure in the industry

If you or your company are mass-producing oils and need specific filling instructions for a commercial filling machine, please contact us

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S1 - 510 thread battery


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