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The iKnife is designed for thicker viscosity products. We engineered it to handle the stickiest, thickest substances while doubling as a heated loading tool. With a dedicated smart heat source the iKnife is engineered and calibrated to provide minimal heating time to ensure perfect cutting temperatures at the touch of a button.

We understand each brand and individual prefers a vaping experience unique to their brand or style, for this reason our kits are coupled with pods and batteries which are built to proper spec and compliment your brand.

  • Premium Food-Grade Metal Body
  • Button activated control for a safe, consistent experience
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Draw Light Indicator
  • Six Attachments to Satisfy all Concentrate Types

Package Includes:

Make Your Own Brand

Custom Vape

Wholesale Vapes

Add to Dashboard

Instruction Manual


999938 in stock


999938 in stock

Unrivaled Performance


Supply Chain and Manufacturing

iKrusher provides brands the unique opportunity to create both custom OEM and ODM utilizing our proprietary branded vape technology. Our in-house team operates the largest international GMP Certified, ISO 9001, RoHS Compliant facilities in the world. Our international resources, paired with local stateside facilities allows us to have a consistent, hands-on approach to quality control. What this means for you is less device failure, consistent product performance, and lower costs without sacrificing quality, technology, or design. Our team members are involved with you, each step of the way. From Q&A, to design, engineering and packaging our team is here to support your brand’s needs.


Thank you, Alireza!

Frequently Asked Questions

Type Dab Tool
Battery Capacity 650mAh
Dimensions 39 ~ 45mm (Attachments)
14 * 86.6mm (Battery)
Voltage Three (3) Variable-Voltage Settings:

  • 3.0v (Red)
  • 3.6v (Green)
  • 4.2v (Blue) Direct Voltage

When the device is on 4.2v (Blue / Direct Voltage) the device is fully charged, when running on 4.2v the voltage will drop accordingly to battery charge level.

Activation Button Activated
Material Metal

The most common questions can be answered below if you can’t find the the answer you’re looking for please contact us using the button below.

The Dab Knife is your ULTIMATE dab tool. Use it with or without the addition of heat. Use it without heat when actually taking a dab, or use it with heat to break off a perfect sized dab from a rock hard slab. You can also creatively go from no heat, to heat. For example, grab a chunk of wax with the Dab Knife without heat, then apply heat and drip your wax onto your favorite method of flower consumption!

The Dab Knife leaves our manufacturing facility fully charged. Although they leave fully charged, please note the longer the battery sits on the shelf the more it gets drained. Therefore, we recommend to fully charge your Dab Knife yourself upon purchase.

The voltage on your Dab Knife may be adjusted by rapidly tapping the activation button (3) times to alternate heat settings. The Dab Knife has three (3) settings which are identified by a color illumination. Please use the following voltages ~ light settings to appropriately adjust your heat:

  • Red: 3.0V
  • Green: 3.6V
  • Blue: 4.2V

Yes, we do offer custom packaging on bulk OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) orders only. If you’re interested in doing an OEM, Custom Device, or White Label Device please contact us. Our team of designers and engineers are here to help you from concept to creation.

How to use

Turning your device ON/OFF

Rapidly tap the activation button on your device five (5) times to activate the device.

Using Your Device

The Dab Knife is button activated for a tailored dabbing experience, once the device is turned on simply hold your button to activate

Changing Your Devices Heat Settings

Rapidly tap the activation button three (3) times to alternate heat settings. The light will indicate the appropriate heat setting.

• Blue: 4.2v (Direct Voltage)
• Green: 3.6.v
• Red: 3.0v

Please note, when your device is running on 4.2v (Blue light / direct voltage), the voltage will drop as battery life decreases.

Tips For Charging Your DAB KNIFE

The DAB KNIFE comes with a universal Micro-USB charging port, the charging slot for your device is located at the bottom of the device.
Plug the USB end of your device safely into a charge block or active USB port to charge your device.

Charge time varies anywhere from 0.30 minutes to 2.0 hours.

While charging your device light will be red, a full charge will illuminate a white light

*The Micro-USB charger which comes with your device is designed specifically for the Dab Knife, we do not recommend using third party chargers to charge your device


1 PC, 10 PCS

Oil Types

Concentrate, Wax

Package Includes

The iKnife Device, Charging Cable

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