Vape Atomizer Technology and The Next Generation Tech

vertical ceramic coil

❖ Contemporary Vaping Technologies

Setting a comfortable temperature still remains a vital part of the next generation vaporizers. Since the rise of vaping technologies, the game has moved on from adjusting temperatures to concentrating on compatible, high-quality devices that have built-in ovens and most importantly; easy to use.

Today, you can get your hands on vapes with numerous heating materials such as ceramic, quartz, or choose to go with stainless steel. People overwhelmingly respond to vapes primarily because of its simplified user interface. It’s outright amazing what you can do with a single touch of a button. The pod battery capacity, for instance, is getting bigger to support pass-through charging and additional display options.

❖ Next Generation Atomizers

As the new trends and technologies emerge, companies such as iKrusher are focusing on tweaking the variation of the atomizers that generally have titanium wires. The thermal conductivities and electrical charge of atomizers practically regulate the temperature of vaporizers. It is a vital piece of technology that also boosts the longevity of the coils.

In hindsight, the better the atomizers, the more sensory experience for customers to create thick clouds of vapor. Though the use of organic cotton coils is more popularized, few companies are making the most out of organic cotton coils (OCC) to discard any impurities. And that’s because the clean nature of the OCC basically bleaches vapes.

❖ Sub-ohm Vapes

Sub-ohm vapes are one of the most significant technologies that have turned into a stylized fashion trend for millennials and generation Z. A sub-ohm vaping device ultimately creates large clouds due to low-resistance of the coils. However, your vaporizer should have a resistance of 0.5 to 1 ohm to reach the immersive experience. In fact, it is one of the reasons as to why manufacturers are focused more than ever to produce readymade sub-ohm atomizer vapes for customers.

❖ Vibrated Heated Feedback

At the end of the day, customers want to be more aware of their vaping devices. That’s where the haptic feedback system comes in as a vibrating indicator to let users know whether their vaporizer is ready or switched to a standby mode.

❖      Bluetooth Compatibility

It is imperative to understand that a number of newer vape technologies are based on the Bluetooth compatibility to adjust heat setting through a dedicated app that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone.

With the help of Bluetooth, you can initially set a specific temperature and then automatically set an automated higher adjustment at another time frame. In hindsight, this smart preset tech wouldn’t have been possible without Bluetooth integration.

❖ Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vape, for example, has gained attraction partly of the undiluted processing of the flavor. Therefore, instead of burning through combustion; the dry herb vaporizer cooks the leaf to intact the inhaling components of the herb.

It is interesting to note that a lot of the dry herb vaporizers use power-efficient batteries that range between 750mAh to 3500mAh for quick heat up in a matter of seconds. It means users don’t have to look for an additional battery to get 25-50 draws out of a vape pen.

❖ Hybrid Vaporizer

The use of the hybrid vaporizers is perfect for concentrates and as well as the dry herb. It can, on the other hand, emulsify these materials to create even large and smooth vapor clouds. However, the best part of a hybrid vaporizer is its immediacy to heat up in less than twenty (20) seconds.

Hybrid vaporizer devices are ideal for customers who want self-sustaining and on-demand heating without having to waste the quality of the material. And just like dry herb vaporizers, these can be customized as per your preferred temperature. This flexibility to tweak temperature of up to 500°F allows you to inhale the desired flavor from your vaporizer.

❖ Built-in OLED and LCD Displays

Sometimes the heightened experience is not solely interdependent on sorting out technicalities. A lot of the customers attest to the fact that they love pod vapes mainly because of the built-in OLED and LCD displays. Consequently, users get the freedom to control the visual lighting parameters during vaping sessions.

❖ Air Heating Technology

The 4th generation advanced tech of vaporizers comes with two air heating variations. Contemporarily, the vape devices in the market contain combustion or conduction mechanism. Conduction is used for the sake of retaining the taste of the herbs which are heated on top of the vape.  Combustion method, however, has been used less frequently by the companies as leaves a bitter taste of the herb.

What’s Next for Vaping Technologies?

Companies are investing more rigorously to improve battery life and minimize the footprint of the devices to make them cost-effective and healing cannabis product. Though customers don’t spend most of their time now to charge heavy vapers, the need for more powerful lithium-ionized batteries continues to take center stage.

Sure, disposable and easy to consume vape pods still remains the top priority for developers. Furthermore, the software integration of the vape devices is expected to be faster than ever with new built-in faster microchips and processors.

The major cannabis brands have started their own research and development (R&D) department to specifically focus on improving the life span of atomizer coils to months. The best aspect of the cannabis market is how quickly it adapts to a change. This is where the addition of new flavors and their intensity could spark another exciting trend for the industry.

Take a look at, say, iKrusher’s XENO pod system. The VFUSE, for instance, is built with ceramic coil and powers 320mAh battery for a long CBD vape session. The pod cartridge is designed to remain intact with the battery. It feels thick as a paper yet coated with black anodized aluminum alloy. If you want a minimal and efficient CBD pod kit, VFUSE is as good as it gets. You can, of course, go with other state-of-the-art iKrusher vape devices and it’d be perfect all the same.


In retrospective, the advancement of the new generation tech is prioritized on premium quality, reliability, extendibility, and performance of the vaping devices. Customers, after all, want a meticulous vaping experience that is based on technical regularity and striking design. The technological innovations will continue to improve as more people start to dive into the realm of vaping.

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