Vape Cartridges Versus Pods: How To Pick the Best One For You

❖ Vape Pens and Pods

A vape pen can have a number of different features and components, but you should focus on two key features such as the vape cartridge and battery. As a matter of fact, it could be viewed as a single feature since the battery essentially heats the cartridge to produce vapor.

With the advent of the green revolution, vape pens are now redesigned and engineered to perfection. Ultimately, you get high viscosity extracts from a vape pen. A vaporizer pod, on the other hand, is a vape-based cartridge battery system that you can recharge anytime. The pod can be practically filled with oil. You are absolutely free to remove or swap a pod whenever you want. Today, ultra-slick reusable battery pods are available in numerous forms that are easy to use.

❖ Vaping and Vape Cartridge Experience

Cannabis consumers are gradually hopping aboard the vape cartridge bandwagon. And why wouldn’t they? You get one of a kind heightened experience that supports portability and reusability. As of now, cartridges are some of the most popular product in California, Oregon, and Colorado.

The experience of using an oil cartridge vape pen, for instance, depends inherently on the quality of the product. A portable and stylized pen vaporizer allows you to add your favorite oils multiple times. Although there is no dedicated name, you may have heard of vape as an oil vape pen, disposable wax pen, or pre-loaded oil vape cartridges.

The usage of the cartridge vape pens is relatively easier than other cannabis products in the market. In simple terms, the heating chamber of the vape pen heats the oil that ultimately produces vapor. That vapor can be inhaled through a regular or customized mouthpiece.

Oil Cartridges

It is imperative to understand that the performance and specs of an oil cartridge vape pen can vary. But the majority of the oil cartridges have the same single-button functionality. It is entirely up to you whether to switch the device on or off. The placement circle of the battery is called atomizer that powers the device.

You can easily unscrew an oil cartridge vape pen to add your favorite oil. You can apply the same rules when it comes to adjusting the temperature of the device. You don’t have to wait the extraneous amount of time to power the battery. Instead, charge your battery in a matter of seconds for continuous and uninterrupted usage.

There is no rocket science here, rechargeable lithium ionized batteries are used through a 510 threading port that directly connects to your oil cartridge. The structure of an oil cartridge vape pen is essentially made up of sensor, atomizer, battery, and tank.

Spot the Difference between High and Low-Quality Cartridges

The high-quality cartridges are made up of glass, metal, or ceramic materials. Low-quality cartridge, however, is susceptible to numerous risks as it is made up of plastic. Cannabis-derived terpenes, for instance, can get through plastic and are bound to leak in the moistened atmosphere. High-quality cartridges perfectly produce O-rings and are pre-sealed for your safety.

Get to Know Pre-Filled Cartridges

The pre-filled and oil vape cartridges are available throughout the legalized states in the U.S. For the past couple of years, pre-loaded vape devices have swarmed the cannabis market to become a premier product for beginners as well as frequent cannabis users.

It is common to get wrapped up around the availability of vape and pod products in the market.  Apart from certain tonal shades, the fundamental approach to select a pre-filled vape cartridge is quite the same.

What to Look for Inside Vape Cartridges?

The more you are knowledgeable about numerous types of pre-filled oil vape cartridges, the clearer idea you’ll have of what you are exactly getting. Whether you are a frequent buyer or just getting started, it is wise to understand some of the most famous cartridge types in the market.

Although a large chunk of the vape pen products offers cartridges through a 510 threaded battery, the pre-loaded cartridges or tanks may not have the functional capacity to insert another battery. It means that your battery system and vaporizer are available separately. However, go for the product that perfectly combines both to enhance user experience.


A pre-filled vape pen’s one of the most concentrated content is a distilled and refined CBD oil. The use of the distillate allows the oil to produce in a number of materials. Think of it as a process that creates a free-flow purification range for CO2 and BHO. 

CO2 Oil

The compatibility of CO2 oil with vape cartridges doesn’t require a thinning agent and that makes it arguably the best-integrated method.


Though thinning agents don’t have a favorable perception in the industry, additives are used in vape cartridges to infuse the oil.

Terpene Infusion Combinations

Alternatively, terpene infusion is a safer choice than other thinning agents. It adds flavor and ultimately alters the end-effect. The full spectrum extracts refer to when this alteration becomes the deciding agent that interacts with your system.

CBD Cartridges are Different

You can also get CBD cartridges that are more concentrated on the levels of cannabidiol. However, at the end of the day, you do have the choice to select high concentrated CBD as well as THC content vape pen.

Choosing Between Vaporizer Pens and Pods

The saturated cannabis oil market can get puzzling. Thus, if you are reaching for enlightenment, you may want to try out iKrusher’s pre-filled cartridge system that only integrates purified CO2 distillation. From the exclusion of thinning agents, added flavoring to unnecessary fillers; iKrusher has a great flavor profiling range that utilizes modern techniques to provide the optimal vaping experience for the customers.

Size matters and that’s where the AC series from iKrusher cartridge couldn’t be better. Also, the iKrusher XENO Pod collection is as perfect as it gets. It’s more than just flawless branding; it’s about seeking the experience of a lifetime.

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