510 Cartridges (100 Each)

Shop for 510 cartridges that purify the taste of your vaping experience.

About our 510 Cartridges

The reputation of our cartridge quality in the industry is legendary. When looking to purchase 510 cartridges, iKrusher offers four models of 510 vape carts that anyone can choose from.

Calibr Pro 510 Cartridges

  • Upgrades to the mouthpiece enabling a powerful experience
  • Advanced “oil to coil” engineering with iKonic cotton-free technology
  • Twist on capping
  • Four 2mm intake holes, for thicker viscosity

JC105 510 Cartridges

  • Four 2mm intake holes, for thicker viscosity
  • iKonic cotton-free technology, flat ceramic mouthpiece
  • Full or half capacity, twist on capping
  • Engineered to evenly distribute heat to your extracts and oils

Tux 510 Cartridges

  • Preferential for using thinner oils or dissalate
  • iKonic cotton-free technology
  • PCTG body resistant to corrosion, cracking or heat
  • Press and lock cap design

Tux Pro 510 Cartridges

  • Press and lock cap design
  • Easier filling with separated coil/cartridge design
  • Anti-leak design with iKonic cotton free technology
  • PCTG mouthpiece resistant to cracking

Oil carts that use a metal threaded connection called a ‘510 thread screw adapter’ are referred to as ‘510 cartridges’. The metal threads are the electrical connections of your vape pen. 510 threaded carts are often sold pre-filled in local dispensaries. We manufacture empty 510 carts for wholesale to brands and dispensaries. Also, iKrusher customers who want new cartridges (we do not sell carts with oil) can buy online at bulk retail prices. These can be paired with 510 thread batteries and used to vaporize cbd, or CBD oil, and we designed certain cartridges to be fully functional for thicker viscosities. All of our cartridges are available in sets of 100 piece packs, these cartridges are designed to maximize every drop of CBD oil, or extracts, never leaving any behind.

Pair with These 510 Batteries

iKrusher carries batteries to combine with your cartridges. Mix and match to meet your desired size and power.

S1-510 Thread Battery

iKrusher’s, S1 carries a 300 mAh battery with a variable voltage dial to adjust output power. This is the right battery to pair with a 510 cartridge for someone who needs a discreet vape pen battery with a lot of power.

S2-510 Thread Battery 

With a slightly larger battery than its sibling the S1, the S2-510 Thread Battery has a 350 mAh capacity. It is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable. Voltage is controlled on a dial, ranging from 3.3V-4.8V. The S2 can also be customized in outer color.

New to Vaping? Start with 510 Cart Designs

If you’re new to the vaping world, look for basic designs to get familiar with the process. Vape pens consist of two pieces. The cartridge has the mouthpiece and tank. Some are refillable, we advise not to refill our carts to assure the best experience. They are threaded to fit into the battery, which adds length and power to the pen. Our S1 and S2 510 batteries, have a voltage dial that can control the power output and thus your vaping experience.

Since the 510 cartridges and batteries come separately, you can mix and match to create the experience you want. Perhaps you need a cartridge good for thicker oils and a powerful battery to assist. Or, a discreet battery with a crack-resistant tank. 510 threaded designs are among the most universal vape designs, consider the ubiquity when choosing your vape set up.

Wholesale pricing or bulk OEM orders: Get in touch.

Are iKrusher carts safe and real?

Yes, our carts are safe and real. Our offices are in the United States, we are a real US owned and operated business. iKrusher carts are designed, engineered, and tested in the United States. Let us assure you that our carts are not only authentic in technology and real carts, but also are very safe. iKrusher products are ROHS Compliant, ISO 9001, and GMP certified, which means our products are not only tested for safety but they meet international standards for quality and safety. Essentially, our cartridges are safe to be sold anywhere in the world.