Disposables (100 Each)

  • TIK Disposables

    Compact Pod Style Disposable

    iKrusher brings you everything you could ever ask for in a disposable pod system, with the TIK. This pint-size powerhouse, being the same size as a lighter, is easy to bring with you anywhere! It’s 350 mAh battery will provide for a consistent and delightful experience with each hit. Your time is important, and you should be able to vape on the go without worrying about waiting to charge a battery. For a portable and luxurious experience you can always depend on, look no further than the TIK by iKrusher.


    TIK Disposables

  • CREST Chargeable Disposables

    Full-Gram Even Distribution Rechargeable Disposable

    The CREST by iKrusher is the first-ever rechargeable disposable to feature full gram (1mL) capacity. While other disposable models on the market may not have the battery life to make it through the entire pod/cartridge, the CREST’s built-in USB charging port will ensure that you never toss out a half-used disposable again. No more worrying about battery shelf life or oils going to waste. The CREST by iKrusher is designed with sleek, smooth aesthetics and a full range of customization options, making it the perfect disposable addition to any product line up. Available for full customization including OEM and ODM mass-production orders.


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