Pod System (Starter Kits)

Shop for vape kits that are certified safe, now there is peace in your vaping experience.

Premium Vape Pens for an Unmatched Experience

iKrusher is known for top quality vape pens on the market. Choose from a range of disposables, dab products and rechargeable vape pens. Then of course, combine them with oil, disallate, or concentrates of your choice. We use our evolving iKonic technology to design exceptional disposable devices that guarantee a satisfying experience, at an affordable price.

Exceptional Design

Our Research & Development team has mastered the development process, which is how we manufacture vape hardware from performance driven designs. Every one of our products is engineered with care, to promote maximum functionality, safety, and longevity for our customers.

Our products go through heavy metal/toxins testing performed by certified testing labs, our integrity testing also assures our carts have low threshold for leakage. Never will our products rust, or endure other types of corrosive damage. Our design technology enables some of our products to be compatible with any kind of visocity, whether thick or thin. We guarantee satisfaction to our customers.

Your Custom Pen, Your Design

Design your own series of customized vape pens with us. Our team can engineer a customized series of pod systems, disposables, 510 batteries, and 510 cartridges, specifically for you or your brand. Our team supplies to over 1,500 brands all across the country, manufacturing over 400 million units per year. Get in touch with us, or find out more about the process, and let’s get started.