Vape Pods (100 Each)

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Vape Pods that are Functional and Safe

iKrusher is the global leader in its field, providing high-quality, innovative, well-designed products that guarantee an unmatched experience. Our products are built upon years of evidence-based research, and are compliant with the ROHS, ISO 9001, and are GMP certified. Our supply chain is one of the best in the United States, backed by top-designers, engineers, and a fantastic customer support team.

Are Pods for Vapes, Better than Carts for Vapes?

The easiest way to describe a vape pod, is that it is a container in a vape system, from a design aspect is somewhere between an electronic cigarette and a mod system. Typically, carts are linked to a 510 vape system, which make carts more universal but carts and 510 batteries are typically not as powerful. Our pod systems are a closed system. Which means there is not much, if any, compatibility with other vape systems.

Essentially, neither pod or 510 systems are better than the other it is truly about personal preference, which requires experimentation to determine what is best for each individual vaper.

Can I use CBD or eJuice in my Pods?

A Pod system that works for CBD must be able to handle thicker viscosity than e-liquids. Our pod systems are designed for CBD oils, which makes them easy to use for thicker viscosities. eJuice is a thinner viscosity, which means it could cause leaky pods. iKrusher pod systems perform best as a portable device, that you can use to get your daily dose of CBD.