Higher Viscosity Products (650 mAh Vaporizer, Hot Loading Tool)

Shop for pens, and accessories that elevate the intensity of your vaping experience.

The Choice of Enthusiasts

Our pen technology, portable rigs and other products are designed to enhance and maximize your experience. Our superior quality, powered by iKonic technology gives you enhanced flavors and better tasting dabs every single time.

We combine these four things when we design & engineer products:

  1. Our knowledge,
  2. Your experience,
  3. Ease of use, and;
  4. The taste of the hit

All of this input creates a process, that we design and build products by. We are proud to share the feedback from enthusiasts that generally share the love for iKrusher products. It is our priority to continue to be a trusted product contributor to the community.

Our customers consistently give us feedback that our attention to quality is what makes our products fantastic. Our kits come with everything you need to get started, and keep you coming back for more vaping experiences. Our Ares pens are lightweight, have magnetic connections and multiple atomizers.

We will continue to challenge the quality of the trusted products in the industry with our methodology in product development. Our R & D team focuses a lot of time designing cutting edge technology that is built into our affordable products. Try an Ares pen, today.